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Before Buying The Tickets Know The Best Time To Visit Moab


So, before you visit Moab, the absolute visual treat, grab knowledge about this place. It is a city located on the Southern extreme of Grand County (Southeast Utah, the US). The main reason it is a world-famous spot for tourism is its phenomenal natural beauty.

The most common thing to do here as a tourist is visiting to present to your eyes the beautiful canyons and adventure seekers would also have a good time rafting in the Colorado River. Also, some folks really wonder why the name is Moab. Well, this word is actually the Biblical name that signifies the land situated on the East of the Jordan river.

So, if you are planning a trip to Moab, be sure that you are visiting at the ideal time of the year. Let's get right into this to know about the perfect season to pay a visit to Moab.

Wondering When is the Best Time to Visit Moab?

Moab is a place to offer to do a bunch of stuff. But, it might not serve you the best if not visited at the right time. Stay there at least for 3 days. More would be even better. If you are planning to stay for 3 days, better to choose the weekend stay(Friday to Sunday). It's surely one of the best locations in the world and the right time just adds more spice to your vacation making it more dramatic.

1. March To May in the Spring

During this time the days are longer in Moab and thus people, especially from the colder countries love to visit this place to escape the cold for a few weeks. The temperature around the midway of the day reaches 70 degrees F at this time of the year.

Along with that, the longer days in the land of canyons give the photographers a huge opportunity to capture some first-class shots in the natural light. It already sounds like the best time to visit Moab, right? Well, you can add a little more fun to it if you get a four-wheeler to drive across this place with a guide.

2. June to August in the Summer

Summers are really hot here, hot enough to reach 100 degrees F in the case you are visiting Moab during this period, the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains would help you cool down. As the days are really hot, it is most suitable to visit the area very early in the morning and in the early evenings. Also, this is the best time to visit Moab as viewing the night sky would actually feel like looking at a painting, stargazing at its best.

3. September to November in the Fall

This is the time when you can see this place to be way different than it is during the other seasons. Why? Well, the fall gives a whole new makeover to this place. The temperature goes down to 70 degrees F again making it way more comfortable for tourists.

The greens like the Manti-La Sal forest turn into the true fall colors forcing people to fix their gaze. Most travelers say that for Moab Utah best time to visit is during the fall. You will also find people saying that fall is the best time of year to visit Moab and arrange a picnic with your friends and family.

4. December to February in the Winter

The city holds a treasure which is kept hidden throughout the year but once it's Winter, nature reveals it and people’s jaws touch the ground in awe. The temperature during these months varies from 40 to 50 degrees F.

One of the best times for hiking on the snow-covered canyonlands is this particular season. It is quite surprising for many visitors to see this place covered in silvery snow where the rest of the time it looks very dry and red. No surprise this too is the best time to visit Moab.

Some Fun Activities to do in Moab

This place is wild and once you visit this place, many famous tourist spots might seem a little overrated. Well, the most important reason for traveling to this place is to view the beautiful canyons of the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park. Also, do not miss the exclusive restaurants serving the best foods.

Arches National Park

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The Arches National Park is even known as one of the best places to visit in the US. The Double Arch, the Balanced Rock, The Windows, and the Park Avenue Viewpoint are the ones to make people believe in heaven. As the Arches National Park is the chief spot in Moab, always remember that the best time to visit Arches National Park is From April to May and from September to October.

Hiking, Fun Rafting and Biking

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Image credit: Discover Moab

March to October is always the peak time for tourists who love hiking as the place remains dry and suitable for hikers. If you are thinking about any sort of water activity in Moab, no need to worry at all.

The Colorado River gives you the perfect flow to go for rafting during the summer season. This is a lot of fun, especially for the adventurers. To all the bikers out there, the beautiful lands give you the best mountain bike trails in Moab. The wide unending stretch of dusty lands is something heavenly for bikers.

Kids will Love this Place

You might want to visit this place with your kids and might think if there is anything special for your children. Well, there are things to do in Moab with kids such as visiting the Fisher Tower section. This is a peaceful spot of Colorado well above the junction. Moab Giants is a kids’ park with a Jurassic theme and is a real heaven for kids.


In short, this is the best place to visit on planet Earth, hands down. Just remember the best time and season to visit Moab before you actually buy the tickets. This is for your own good or else you might miss the best chance to see any of the special forms of this land of arches and canyons. Add this place in your bucket list and start planning from now.

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