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What is ncsecu car loan?


Do you want to buy a new car? Are you looking for a hassle-free car loan? You need not worry anymore. The North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union is there to help you. The ncsecu car loan will lend you the amount you need to buy a new car. With ncsecu, the paperwork is minimal and you get to buy your car without spending several hours at the union office unlike other banks and money lending offices. 

The ncsecu car loan looks out for your utmost comfort and a fast and easy car loan is the topmost priority of ncsecu. The ncsecu hands you a pre-approved blank cheque up to a certain money limit. With this cheque, you can buy the car of your choice and drive away without wasting any more time than needed.

The ncsecu car loan will finance 100% of the retail price suggested by the manufacturer (MSRP) of the new car and you are offered fixed-rate financing for periods up to 96 months.

What are ncsecu car loan rates?

The ncsecu offers some of the best car loan rates you will ever come across. The ncsecu car loan rates are not only reasonable but also very low. You do not even need to calculate the hectic numbers and car finances yourself. The ncsecu car loan calculator is available to help you out. 

Here’s a general overview of the rates for your convenience.

For a new car, the rates are fixed as such. 

For a term up to 36 months  - 3.75%APR

For a term of 36- 60 months  - 4.25%APR

For a term of 61-72 months  - 4.50%APR

For a term of 73-96 months  - 5.75%APR

For a used vehicle, the rate is fixed as such.

For a term up to 72 months  - 4.50%APR

Ncsecu used car loan

The ncsecu does not only give you a car loan to buy a new car but you could also buy a used car. The only criteria to be fulfilled while buying a used car is that you need to buy the used car from an authorized car dealer. The ncsecu car loan for used cars also has the same procedure as the car loan when buying a new car. 

You need to get the blank cheque and then pick the used car you want to purchase from an authorised dealer. You can simply drive away with the car from the dealer after submitting the ncsecu blank cheque and fulfilling the little requirements that are necessary at the car dealership.

For used vehicles, the ncsecu will finance up to a limit of 110%2 of the used car value. This value will be based on the NADA retail value.

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