Pensioners fee for Cghs card for Whole Life


Health is a factor that we all should be responsible for. After a certain age, our health system gets worse; and we start diagnosing with so many diseases. So, health insurance is a must and especially at old age. 

What is Cghs card? 

CGHS means the Central Government Health Scheme. In this scheme, old persons who had some government jobs and pensions are payable; can apply and get a Cghs card. People who are CGHS cardholders can get financial, medical help in case of emergency. Below is the detail of Pensioners fee for Cghs card for Whole Life.

Cghs subscription rates for pensioners:

Pensioners or family pensioners need to pay a certain amount every month 1000/- as per the 2017 revised amount. So, they will pay either for one year, i.e., 12 months or 10 years (120) months. And accordingly, they will get free medical services at every government hospital and specific discounts in some special medical cases as mentioned in the Cghs scheme.

It is a very good opportunity to save for your medical expenses with the government. You must pay 1000/- per month, and the government will take up almost all your medical expenses for free.

Documents required for cghs card for pensioners:

You need certain documents to apply for a CGHS card, even if you are a pensioner or a family pensioner.

1. You need to have a printout of the filled up online application form, which you can get by visiting the official website

2. Copy of the PPO.

3. Copy of the Last Pay Certificate of your pension.

4. Proof of your current residence, which may be a residence certificate or Aadhar card. 

5. Age proof for all the applicants. But in the case of family pensioners, you need to have a birth certificate if you are the son (up to 25 years) or Brother (up to 18 years) of the dead person.

6. If you are a widow or divorced daughter documents of the job beholder in case of the family pensioner.

7. Aadhar card copy

8. If you have had a Cghs card during your service period, then surrender a certified copy of your Cghs card

9. Three copies of recent 3×5 cm size photographs of the entire family of the employee retiring, along with requisitioning for pensioners' CGHS cards.

10. Bharat Josh transaction receipt. You can pay the Pensioners fee for Cghs card for Whole Life online. 

11. In the case of family pension, if the son or brother who is going to get the pension on behalf of the job beholder is differently abled, then a certificate of disability for specific authority (more than 40%). 

Why do you need Cghs card as a pensioner? 

Health problems are common in old age. So, this Cghs card will help you fix your health-related problems without any financial burden. If you manage to pay only 1000/- per month, all your finances on your entire health issues to be taken care of by the government. 

Apart from this, sudden accidents or highly demanding diseases are not in our hands. So, in those cases, this Cghs card is going to help you enormously. 

Bottom line:

The government is trying to help you in every way it can. So, without wasting time, get your Cghs card now if you are a pensioner, and even if you are in your service, you can get it. The pensioners fee for Cghs card for Whole Life is comparably very low, so do not hesitate to invest in your health. 

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