Valuation of products related to the gardens is done at garden centers


It is a widely known fact that industries and markets related to leisure and recreational activities have one of the largest valuations (on a domestic as well as global scale). And among several recreational activities, gardening scores a leading position in terms of year-on-year valuation and growth scope. 

The approach of taking gardening as a leisure and/or recreational activity is not new. What is interesting to know is that the rise of market valuations in the gardening realm over the years has boosted the profitability and consistent year-on-year growth of garden center businesses. 

Valuation of products related to the gardens

It goes without saying that there is not just one but several types of products related to garden centers. Retail centers and gardens that merchandise a wide range of gardening-related products, including gardening appliances, gardening tools, and gardening plants and flowers, are the primary products of garden centers.

On the secondary level, small and medium-sized nurseries that include a wide assortment of garden products and home-grown plants are categorized as other products of large-sized garden centre businesses. 

All of these products are included in the overall valuation of garden center businesses. In conclusion, the valuation of products related to the gardens is done at the growth performance metrics of garden center businesses. 

Growth projection of garden centers and garden-related products

The gardening market and industry may seem niche, and they actually are. However, unlike other niche markets, the gardening market sees consistent year-on-year growth. According to a report, the overall valuation of the global gardening equipment market is projected to reach 576 billion US dollars by 2026. Another insightful report holds that water management equipment, lawnmowers, trimmers and edgers, and hand tools will see the most sales among other types of gardening equipment by 2025. 

us gardening equipment market
U.S. gardening equipment market by product, 2014 - 2025 (USD Billion)
Image credit: Grandviewresearch

Factors contributing to the consistent growth of garden centers

There are several factors that play an important role in improving the year-on-year growth of garden centers. Among several factors, plant remedy is one of the most important elements. Many people these days are turning to plant remedies for treating minor illnesses and injuries. Plant remedy is great for natural healing and it has little to no risk of side-effects. 

Small space entertainment is another important factor that contributes to the consistent growth of garden centers. From restaurants to balcony or backyard eating spaces, plants work wonders in elevating the dining experience. 

A culture shift towards greenery-inspired interior decor has also played an important role in boosting the growth of garden centers over the years. Many trending interior designs have some sort of greenery integrated into them in one way or the other.

The factors that contribute to the growth include home-based small-sized gardening, digital gardening, plot to plate, and wildlife care. It's interesting to know that there are several categories within the gardening realm that aren't doing well in terms of growth performance, with how orchids and pesticides and fertilizers being at the top.

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