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Do you know, what type of life insurance incorporates flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit?


Adjustable life insurance is one of the most diverse and most desired insurance plans for any wise man who wants a cover for their family and children. Now, let's check everything in detail.

What is adjustable life insurance?

A very flexible premium variable life insurance which is basically a mixture of whole life and term life insurance. This means you can as a policyholder can adjust the policy

  • Features
  • Premiums
  • Period of protection
  • Face amount and
  • Length of the premium payment period

So the question is, what is a flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy? The answer is adjustable life insurance differs from other insurance policies. In its justification, adjustable life insurance doesn't require a policyholder to cancel or purchase any additional policies while the circumstances change for the policyholder. This policy is specially designed to meet the needs of individuals who want protection and cash value benefits of permanent life insurance, but they demand some flexibility with policy features.

What type of life insurance incorporates flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit?

Variable universal life insurance incorporates flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit. There are various benefits of universal life insurance,

  • The cash value will potentially grow much faster than any other policy. After the cash value reaches a certain pint, the policy owner can withdraw the policy loans or partially surrender from the ash value account.
  • There's a flexibility of changing the death value. The insurer will keep the policymaker posted with any new changes in the policies or the files and laws.
  • As mentioned, the most important benefit is its flexibility. It keeps on protecting you in any circumstances of your life.

How does a flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy work?

Security money especially for your family after you die. There's is like safety money that you keep for your family so that they don't face any issues in your absence. Flexible premium adjustable life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy where you pay the policy premium monthly or yearly depending on your flexibility. This will secure the death benefit of your family.

A part of your premium payment will go to the component that makes up a permanent premium plan, which is called cash value. This cash value will grow to interact according to the able rate. When you have accumulated a large sum of cash value, you can use it to pay your policy premiums or choose to move towards the death benefit. The fact that it's a flexible policy makes Flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy the best and most desirable. You can change the policy premiums according to your life situations.  The policies are characterized by a flexible premium and death benefit.

Pros and Cons of Flexible-Premium Policies

What type of life insurance incorporates flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit? The flexible premium policies are this type of plan. Though they are very much flexible, they have some advantages and disadvantages. Now, let's learn the pros and cons of flexible premium adjustable life insurance.


It is an adjustable premium policy because you get to change the number of your premiums according to your life circumstances. Also, you can change the death benefits when your needs and situations change. The policy flexible premium indexed adjustable life insurance is actually flexible because you can pay your premiums in different ways, mother, annually, or lump sum. Also, they have a facility to actually help you pay your premiums form. the accumulated cash value. The performance of the insurance company matters because the cash value will increase or decrease according to it. The cash value basically grows at a guaranteed minimum rate but company performance can change the situation, for or against you.


The cash value as mentioned directly depends on the company's performance. Hence the value of money is directly proportional to the company's reputation. An additional medical examination is required to increase the death benefit. The policy can't be surrendered before it's maturity. For example, if you surrender it within 5-10 years, the accumulated cash value will be lost along with everything. Variable adjustable life insurance has a disadvantage because insurance companies generally earn a very low yield on insurance policies. That's why these companies reduce the dividends allocated to policies with loans. This will eventually increase the fees and rates charged to loans against your cash value. These are some of the flexible premium adjustable life insurance pros and cons.

Adjustable Life Insurance Death Benefits

If you ask the question, What do you mean by the term “Adjustable death benefits” the answer in simple terms be elaborated as, "Adjustable life insurance death benefits are a flexible premium permanent life policy which helps you and your family stay safe and protected? "

The death benefits are structured has typically two ways,

Level death benefit- you will get the benefit money exactly the same as the face value when you bought it.

Face amount and cash value- the beneficiaries will get the face value and a cash value. This type of policy will cost more. Also, there is another structure too which is also quite common where the policy's face value is equal with the premium paid. The policy owner of an adjustable life policy wants to increase the death benefit, she/he can do that easily. The flexibility of the policies makes it desirable.

What are the death benefits under an adjustable life insurance policy?

Death benefits are actually the premium amount you pay for the better future of your family when you will not be around/or you will die. A death benefit will help you pay back the mortgages, debts, or you will get income replacements if you die a premature death.

Death benefits

  • The insurance company will pay the term death benefit after the insured has passed away.
  • The amount of death benefit you are going to receive is the difference between base death benefit provided by the insurance company and the total death benefit. The total death benefit is dependent on which death benefit policies are in effect.

How is death benefit calculated?

There is three option of the death benefit to choose from:

Option 1: The policy owners will be able to reduce the death benefit or request an increase.  option 1 is in influence, the level of the death benefit will be equal to the targeted death benefit. The cash value will be a part of the death benefit instead of something separate.

Option 2: Pure insurance protection will be static throughout life. The cash value which is growing is the increasing death benefit. If option 2 is in influence, the target death benefit plus the account value will be lesser than the total death benefit. With option B, it is impossible to know the exact death benefit until the insured person dies and needs a higher premium rate since the pure protection value is static.

Option 3: Some insurance companies do provide an option c where the death benefit is the face amount of the policy you have along with the aggregate premium you paid. If option 3 is in influence, the total death benefit will be greater of the target death benefit along with the premiums paid less.

The term death benefit will never be zero, it will not be affected by increased or decreased loan activity.

The flexibility helps you increase or decrease the premium amount value to adjust your economic situation. For example, if you are earning this amount for a longer period of time, you would want to save a large sum for your family, you can do so. But when you might have lost your job or you are in an employment transition, you will want to decrease your premium amount, you can do so.

Death benefit calculation

When the spouse receives the death benefit money, it is calculated by multiplying the deceased gross annual income by the 1 to 5 depending on the age. The highest will be for 45 years and the lowest will be for under 25 or above 65.


Adjustable policies actually are beneficial to people who love the flexibility in their lives. You can actually adjust your premium payments or upgrade/degrade the policy. Although, there are restrictions for the usage of the flexibility option. The insurer has some guidelines set, don't overlook it, follow it. This flexibility helps policyholders continue securing their family's futures seven in their miserable times!



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