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Wondering When Should I Replace Shocks And Struts? Find Here!


Your car was intended to last, running hundreds of kilometers without a single repair. However, when it's time to repair critical components, what happens? You'll require to reach out to a sound technician or know the process to fix the intricacy yourself. If you wonder, "When should I replace shocks and struts," you've come to the best place. In this piece of writing, we'll cover all your doubts and worries. Read on to know more. 

When to replace shocks and struts

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Like all car parts, your car's shocks and struts need a particular maintenance program. Specialists say that shocks and struts replacement should be done every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Still, that's only a general recommendation for shock struts replacement.

The durability of shocks and struts depends on your driving styles. If you are traveling through adverse road conditions and bumpy streets often, your struts and shocks will need replacement more usually than those traveling short distances regularly.

With that being stated, it's fundamental to inspect these air suspension parts regularly. It will help you better know the specific mileage, including the symptoms of bad struts and shocks. 

How much does it cost to replace shocks and struts?

If you wonder how much to replace shocks and struts, struts cost within $725 and $750 for one set, plus installation. As per experts, shocks' price is less than struts, usually within $100 and $150 per piece. It typically needs two to three hours to repair shocks and struts, as per highly-rated technician

How to replace your own shocks and struts?

Replacing struts and shocks can be tricky if you do not know how to replace shocks and struts. Read through the following instructions thoughtfully before trying to dismantle your car to ensure efficiency and safety throughout the DIY project.

Using a Spring Compressor

The struts and shocks on various vehicles are combined with springs that can injure you, pop off or damage your car if you do not remove properly. In those cases, you will require a spring compressor to manage everything safely. And you can borrow a spring compressor from the local auto components store, though it is necessary to know how to handle it. It happens to be the most fundamental function of replacing struts and shocks, plus you have to be cautious. If you hesitate to eliminate the springs, you need to consider taking your car to a technician instead.

Raise the Vehicle

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Once you get all of the parts and accessories available, you need to raise your car on one side at a time utilizing a screw jack. After your car is up, put a jack stand at the back of your front wheel to ensure stability. Contrarily, you can utilize a lift. Make sure that the car is guarded before trying to release anything or going below the car.

Remove Old Struts and Shocks 

Initially, you will need to eliminate the wheels. Now, utilizing the spring compressor, you have to look for three bolts near the back of the strut or shock that keeps it in place. Release three bolts but do not remove them completely just yet. Near the tip of the strut or shock is another bolt within the engine compartment. In this case, you can utilize an impact wrench and a socket extension for loosening it. Loosen and finish eliminating the extra bolts, and your strut and shock should come free.

Installing New Struts and Shocks 

Once your old struts and shocks have been eliminated, you can substitute the new ones. Ensure tightening the three bolts securely. Take a torque wrench to perform this. Place the wheels behind on the car, and you are ready to test your car out.

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