What ZIP Code in Cape Coral has the Cheapest Commercial Vehicle Insurance?


Vehicle insurance companies have different insurance rates to offer to individuals. The fluctuations in the rates can occur because of various factors like the place of your living, claim history, driving history, and others. Florida is home to many cities and all these cities have different insurance rates to offer. The best gig to know about these rates is by comparing the average rates with the national average. You can sign up for the one that suits you the most. Comparison shopping will help you retrieve the best benefits at the lowest insurance rates. 

When you have an outlook of the insurers offering you a cheap car insurance premium, there are a lot of factors for you to consider before making your final decision. Here are some of the facts that you should be clear about before making the final move. 

How does the Vehicle Insurance premium change with the ZIP Code?

The first thing while going for auto insurance is to know that the car insurance premium tends to change with a change in the ZIP code. Every zip code rates differently with each insurer in the market. The ZIP code is a determination of the crime rate that is prevalent in any geographical area. Also, it takes into consideration other factors that act as risks for the vehicles. So, if the crime rate due to offenses like theft and burglary is high in your area, chances are that the rate will be higher and vice versa. 

For instance, an area in Cape Coral having the ZIP code 33904 has an average monthly rate of $146.76. There is another area in Cape Coral having the ZIP code 33915 has a monthly car insurance premium rate of $204.86. The variation in the rates is due to the crime rate and other included risks.

If you belong to an area where you feel that the car insurance premium rate is high, make sure to employ all the safety measures. Also, it is better to garage your vehicle in a trusted and safe place. It is a hack and might help you in saving some money. You can invest in covered, gated, and fenced structures to safeguard your vehicle. Your insurance agent should have a fair idea about all the precautions and measures. It will help you bag a better deal. 

Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Florida?

If you are a safe and cautious driver, chances are that you can save quite an amount of money on your car insurance. If you have no speeding tickets or DUIs on your record as a driver, risks are less for you. It opens your doors for choosing the best deals with the insurance companies as you are both comfortable and affordable. 

The cheapest car insurance quotes in Florida range differently for drivers belonging to different age groups. The drivers of the teenage group have a record of paying three times the national average for car insurance. They are the most expensive class and hence, should seek insurance for their vehicle from companies like Liberty Mutual, GEICO, and Progressive. 

Also, if you are a fan of portraying your speeding limits on the roads or have been a part of the at-fault accidents, choose different options. The cheapest option for you is available in the form of Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm. 

What are the Top 5 Auto Insurance Companies in America?

The daunting process of purchasing car insurance is a former process. Comparisons amongst the top auto insurance companies for their offerings and financial strength are a must. It helps in having a better insight into the services that are on the way for the insurance seekers. The top 5 Auto Insurance Companies in America that have reliable market share and state availability are as follows: 

  • State Farm Insurance 
  • GEICO Insurance 
  • Progressive Insurance 
  • Allstate Insurance 
  • USAA Insurance 


The car insurance companies offer cheaper premiums and good discounts, too. But, you are likely to stand a better chance at them if you are a good driver. The insurance discount varies from one company to the other. But, the common stand lies anywhere between 5-10%. There are a lot of insurance company options to choose from in the market. Check the availability and go for the cheap car insurance that suits you the best. 


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