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Is Epic a hospital-based system only or can it add value to a medical practice ?

When selecting an EHR, professionals tend to be trapped by the advertisements and catchy phrases that are supposed to sell a product. So, it is very much likely that you may end up making the wrong selection. Thus, it is important for you to scrutinize and carefully evaluate the EHRs and EMRs available on hand. Amongst the popular choices comes the Epic medical EMR solution. But does it really add up value to your practice? Or is it merely a software for hospital management? We will look at this solution below.

An overview of Epic

Epic is a healthcare software provider which is serving professionals since 1979. It specializes in the EMR, practice management, and hospital information management systems. Starting from a mid-sized facility and going all the way up to a full-scale hospital with different departments, their systems can cater to the needs of any medical capacity.

The company offers various solutions, with the Epic EMR at the top. Most of the time, when you see people referring to Epic software, they are talking about their electronic medical record solution.

Epic EMR 

The in-house software by epic is a highlight by the company. They provide you a chance to equip your facility with one of the best, easiest, and most functional EMRs in the market. The EpicCare EMR is a complete solution that gives you a chance to review the history of your patient and create different charts. Moreover, the sleek order management makes it easy for you to attend to your patients.

Unlike many other systems that only stay focused on billing and costs, Epic provides you a documentation option as well. You can easily gather the data of a patient and assign roles to various departments, which surely adds value to your medical practice. 

Another perk of using the Epic system is the fact that you get mobile apps and portals. An example of this is MyChart, where you can give the patient hands-on access to the Epic medical records that doctors can view. Bedside is another app from the Epic family that can be integrated with their EMR to establish a strong connection between the patient and the medical team. Not only these, but there are a ton of other apps too, with the goal of making things productive. 

The solution by Epic also focuses on access and revenue. Organizations are easily able to go through the billing process and can benefit a lot from the Single Billing Office, where all the bills and payment plans are available. Everything is accessible at a single point, making it easy for patients to get their bills and payment details. Also, it eases your life as an administrator.

Another stand out feature of EPIC EMR is its Cogito, the analytic and reporting system by the company. It gives you an option to integrate clinical intelligence in your practice and enhance your business activities based on the workflow. 

Finally, Epic EMRs have a single integrated core. It means that you can share data seamlessly on Epic systems worldwide without any trouble.

The positives of Epic EMR

Why must you look up to Epic EMR price and investigate about the plans? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Epic focuses on keeping loyal customers. Their aim is at the quality, and they don’t focus much on the quantity. It is probably the reason why they only have a few hundred Epic EHR customers. The company assigns a dedicated team to each organization and arrange events, both online and offline.

  • With Epic, comes trust, reliability, and a ton of healthcare solutions to address various health technology problems. You have eHealth, clinical management, access software, and other solutions to address all sorts of activities in the hospital.

  • In 2013, Epic was labeled as the number one Overall Software Suite. The ranking was done by KLAS, and, till now, Epic has been amongst the top health tech solution providers.

The negatives of Epic EMR

There are certainly a few drawbacks that come with Epic EMR. These include:

  • Epic discourages the use of other systems. It is visible by the fact that the integration of Epic EHR automatically adds Care Everywhere to your system. It is a health information exchange solution where you can send and receive data to other Epic hospitals. However, to send information outside the Epic cloud, to any other system, you need to pay an additional fee.

  • It can be challenging for you to implement and might be a costly option. Even though it is one of the top-notch solutions in the industry, integrating it with third-party solutions isn’t easy as Epic is a closed platform.

Can I use Epic for small to mid-scale practice?

Indeed, you can use Epic solutions for small to midscale practice. But considering the size of the solution and how it works, as well as cost, it might not be a suitable option for small scale practice. The company has made efforts to cater to the small and midscale practices while establishing itself as a giant in the large-scale industry. If you are interested in using their system, you might want to look up to Epic Sonnet, which is a slim and lighter version of their full-scale solution.

Final words

So, we can conclude that Epic EMR is one of the best solutions available in the market with all the possibility to increase your productivity. It is likely to add value to your practice and can serve you to a great extent.

But do you really need it? Well, the  Epic EMR demo is what you seek. Consider taking a demo and see what it brings to your practice. Is it giving you all that you need? Are you able to address different professional activities via this system? Does the system satisfy your requirements? Will you be able to pay for it? All these questions need an answer before you finalize your choice.

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