SEO Service Provider Company in India

Uplift Your Business with Quality SEO Service by the Reputed SEO Agency in India

SEO Service Provider Company in India

With small and large business organizations jumping on to the bandwagon of online ventures, search engine optimization (SEO) has gained profound importance. Businesses vie online with each other for the topmost position in the search results pages of search engines. In order to come through this challenge, professional SEO services become an essential aid for online businesses. Finding a professional SEO service provider in India is not difficult, but choosing the right one is the chief challenge faced by organizations.

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What are SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are a group of strategies, techniques and tactics which are used to grow the traffic of a website by achieving higher rank on search engines pages of search engines. The premise behind these services is that traffic is likely to be attracted towards websites that are ranked on top of SERPs. This whole practice of generating and attracting traffic is highly professionalized and is performed by a search engine marketing company.

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SEO Pricing packages

local seo pricingEcommerce SEO pricing
Global SEO Pricing Table


Initial Review & Analysis
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In-depth Site Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Competitor Analysis
Primary Keywords Research For upto 10 Keywords For upto 15 Keywords For upto 20 Keywords
Initial Rank Report
On Page Optimization
Maximum No of Pages For upto 10 pages For upto 15 pages For upto 20 pages
Canonical Issue solve
Onpage code to text ratio
W3C Validations Check
Header tags and Alt tags
Robots.txt inclusion
Internal Blog Setup
Sitemap.xml creation
Managing the C panel
Title and Meta tag optimization
Internal Hyperlink
Site Loading speed monitoring
301 redirection done
Google Webmaster Setup
Google Analytics setup
Google Analytics monitoring
Rich Snippets Implementation
Google Plus Business Page setup
Off page Promotion
Blog Writing & Submission 6 7 8
Article Writing & Submission 4 5 6
Guest Blog Writing & Posting 1 2 2
PR Writing & Posting 1 1 1
Document Creation & Posting 1 2 3
Link Prism
Social Bookmarking
Classified Posting
Local Business Listing
Image Submission
G+ Community Share
Monthly Reporting
SEO Rank Report
Google Analytics Report
Customer Support Email/ Skype Email/ Skype Email/ Skype
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local seo pricingEcommerce SEO pricing


How Do We Determine Our SEO Pricing Packages?

There is no industry standard against which an SEO Company in India should price its services, but Business Module Hub offers a reasonably priced package of services. We believe in maintaining a good degree of transparency in our dealings with our clients. There are no hidden fees involved in our SEO pricing packages.

Our team of knowledgeable and skilled SEO specialists focus on creating value for our clients. We keep our clients updated with latest developments and prices of services, so that they trust us.

We, at Business Module Hub provide a platform for our clients to compete effectively. Our professional, cost-effective and result-driven services would empower online business ventures and take them closer to success and profitability.

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How do you choose the right SEO company in India?

SEO services in India have proliferated tremendously in the present times because digital marketing and online businesses have increased. In such a situation, making the right choice of providing SEO service becomes crucial for achieving success. However, here are a few things that can help you in your decision making process:

  • Services

There are a number of SEO agencies in India offer a range of SEO services locally and globally, but the strategies and tactics are the major determinants of the quality of every individual service providers. With SEO becoming a professionalized practice, many useful tools have emerged to increase its efficiency and effectiveness for online business ventures. While choosing an SEO company either in India or your preferred cities, the overall strategies and quality of work should be properly scanned.

  • Price

An SEO company in Kolkata or anywhere in India offers the package at a reasonable rate proves to be cost-effective. The price should be analyzed based on your expected Return on Investment (ROI). A company that increases the return on every penny invested is likely to take your venture on the tracks to profitability and success.

  • Experience

The SEO specialists of the company take the responsibility of creating value for their clients. This can be achieved with their experience in the field of search engine optimization. A company that has specialists with up-to-date knowledge about the latest developments in this domain is the perfect choice for businesses.

  • Reputation

The portfolio of clients served by a company is a perfect reflection of the company’s professionalism and expertise. You should focus on the reputation of the company and validate your judgments with favorable data.

Here are few ways you can SEO your website:

SEO process Flow Diagram

  • Keyword Generation

Any process of search engine optimization for website depends completely on the keywords. Keywords are the terms which the target audience type on a search engine to get information about. As such, generating the right keyword and using it appropriately in the website is the key to success on search engines. An extensive keyword research is crucial for generating the right keyword for your niche business.

  • Content Development

Once you have researched and generated a good collection of keywords, the next step to focus on is content development. Let assume, you are targeting a business in Kolkata location, then it is always better to start with the term Kolkata to be put either in front or at the end of a keyword. Content is the crux of a website which determines its ability to be tracked by search engines. By developing appealing and informative content for “human” readers by using the necessary keywords appropriately, the website stands at an advantage.

  • Performance

The website which fails to perform as per standards, fails to survive in the online business scenario. Performance of a website depends on its speed in loading its content and efficiency. Website developers should focus on designing websites which give the best experience to the users and visitors. Experts nowadays are providing quality SEO services in India to different businesses.

  • Multi-channel Optimization

Keywords should be strategically used not only on-site, but also off-site platforms which are visited by people. This is the reason why multi-channel optimization is considered important. The multi-channel platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email should be consistently used for posting relevant content for people to view. Optimizing websites for these platforms is likely to generate a multitude of viewers and convert them into actual customers.

  • Domain Names and Meta Data

You should focus greatly on consistency of the domain names. Using sub-directory root domains instead of sub-domains is likely to keep your website at an advantageous position. It is essential for you to ensure that the search engines direct users to the same website on typing the domain name. For example, if on typing or just typing does not lead users to the same website, then perhaps the search engine is seeing two different sites. This will have an impeding impact on the website because the internal links are likely to be diluted.

Meta description usually goes unheeded, but it is one of the most important criterias against which search engines rank websites. A clear, unique and appropriate Meta description with the relevant keywords increases the chances of the website becoming more visible, and in turn get ranked high on SERPs.


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What Business Module Hub Can Do For You?

Business Module Hub is an SEO company in India, India which is engaged in providing a range of SEO services to online business ventures. We believe in bringing the best results to our clients, and we achieve this with core professionalism. Our focus is simple: to deliver value to our clients with cost-effective and result-oriented SEO practices.

We understand that a positive return on investment is what drives business owners to put in their hard-earned money. Hence, we offer favorable pricing packages for our SEO services to our clients in India and abroad, so that they get value from our services. Our professional SEO specialists keep this aspect in mind and aim to take our services towards perfection.

Apart from the other SEO pricing packages India, our price is offered keeping in mind that every business differs from the other. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that can bring the desired results to businesses. We strategize our approach in a way that would keep your competitiveness intact. We aim at capitalizing on your strengths and opportunities, and to help you in attaining a niche for yourself in the competitive landscape.

Being one of the quality SEO service providers in India our pricing packages may have various criteria, but all follow the same objective- increasing the visibility of websites online. We aim at creating a distinct position for your brand, and we do this with our cost-effective services. Our services are professional but they do not cost an arm and a leg.

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