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With technological development and the boom of the internet, the business sector has undergone a sea-change with major business units setting up online ventures. The almost instant reach is the major plus point that compels companies to design and develop good websites and gets their business online. Most organizations spend lavishly in planning marketing techniques to promote their businesses and strive towards getting returns on their investments. The idea is to build a website, get it hosted online and that’s it. Though it sounds simple, the task in hand is easier said than done.

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Why are SEO services needed?

This is an important question that is likely to be in the minds of new companies and those who have just ventured into the online sector. SEO services are undoubtedly very important in the success or failure of any online business house.

The success in the online industry works on the simple principle of ‘Things that are seen are sold’. When a company features online, it is crucial for their website to be pinged on the screen on the online audience. In order to catch the eye of the viewers online, it is important to be among the top in search engine web portal result pages. The higher the position of the search portal, the higher is the company’s visibility to the online audiences. But how can this be possible? This is where SEO service provider Kolkata comes into function.

And when one thinks of SEO experts Kolkata, the name that one can rely upon is Business Module Hub. The Company is among the top SEO agencies in Kolkata and is a one-stop solution provider to all online marketing needs. With a team of expert specialists from the field of Content Development, Social Media Marketing and Website Design & Development, the company caters to the varied requirements of the customers. The main motive is to deliver the best possible, unique solution to companies.

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Kolkata SEO Pricing Table



Initial Review & Analysis
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In-depth Site Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Competitor Analysis
Primary Keywords Research For upto 10 Keywords For upto 15 Keywords For upto 20 Keywords
Initial Rank Report
On Page Optimization
Maximum No of Pages For upto 10 pages For upto 15 pages For upto 20 pages
Canonical Issue solve
Onpage code to text ratio
W3C Validations Check
Header tags and Alt tags
Robots.txt inclusion
Internal Blog Setup
Sitemap.xml creation
Managing the C panel
Title and Meta tag optimization
Internal Hyperlink
Site Loading speed monitoring
301 redirection done
Google Webmaster Setup
Google Analytics setup
Google Analytics monitoring
Rich Snippets Implementation
Google Plus Business Page setup
Off page Promotion
Blog Writing & Submission 6 7 8
Article Writing & Submission 4 5 6
Guest Blog Writing & Posting 1 2 2
PR Writing & Posting 1 1 1
Document Creation & Posting 1 2 3
Link Prism
Social Bookmarking
Classified Posting
Local Business Listing
Image Submission
G+ Community Share
Monthly Reporting
SEO Rank Report
Google Analytics Report
Customer Support Email/ Skype Email/ Skype Email/ Skype
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local seo pricingEcommerce SEO pricing


What Does SEO Company in Kolkata Do?

Some of the main advantages of engaging in good SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques and strategies devised and implemented by an SEO service provider in Kolkata include,

  • Increasing website traffic for client company
  • Increasing online presence of the customer
  • Making the company website SEO friendly
  • Sometimes even designing & developing the website from scratch
  • Developing appropriate content and fruitful keywords
  • Promoting a higher rank of the company name in search engine portals
  • Conducting wide scale competitor analysis
  • Monitoring and submitting regular website SEO audit reports

All such is done with the main purpose of boosting sales of the client company, thus leading to commercial success online. Business Module Hub provides with customized services to client companies that best serve their financial interests.

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3 Pillars for search success through Search Engine Optimization

It is important to note that the success of any SEO strategy has to be sustainable enough in order to allow the client company to prosper at a consistent pace. No matter how unique or innovative a technique might be it must also ensure that it aligns to the three major pillars for search success. These include

  • Fresh & informative content
  • Appropriate keywords
  • Good quality links to site

Choose the best SEO Agency for Your Brand

With numerous companies providing similar SEO services in India, customers, especially start-up firms, face tremendous problem in selecting the correct SEO agency for themselves. One must keep some of the following standards in mind while deciding on the number one SEO Company in Kolkata

  • Services

One must check for the kind of services that each SEO service provider has to offer. One must pay special attention to the kind of strategies or techniques that each company employs and the effectiveness or the recorded results of these strategies. These tools and tactics determine the quality of the individual service providers. It is also important to note whether the services provided are likely to benefit the customer’s requirements or not. While selecting a SEO company in Kolkata the quality of work should be properly scanned and analyzed.

  • Experience

An experienced SEO service provider is bound to have an edge over newcomers. Any company that has been providing SEO solutions across the city for some time is expected to know the market well. This helps in building faith and helps in winning the trust of the customer. Companies that have experienced specialists with up-to-date knowledge about the latest developments in the market become the preferred choice for businesses.

  • Price

Every company has a set budget in mind when it comes to marketing. The Price is perhaps the main deciding factor for most companies, especially start ups. With a fixed budget in hand, they seek for the best deal. But, it is also important to ensure that the deal in talk is actually the best SEO service. The same services offered at a reasonable price may not always be fruitful for all companies. It is vital to ensure that the SEO services are not just cost effective but also one helps the business reap the highest possible returns from investments. Business Module Hub offers special pricing packages that are completely unique from other competitive firms in the market.

  • Clientele

A company’s existing clientele speaks a lot about its credibility. A company that has worked with prominent names in the market is a trusted one as the success of the said brands speaks about the effectiveness of the SEO services provided, the strategies suggested and the techniques employed to promote the business. Client testimonials are thus a notable feature that is not to be missed out. Established firms usually have a list of prior clientele to testify their services and success stories. It is better to check and cross-check such before selecting any SEO service provider.

  • Content development

It is said in media that the Content is always the king. The same thumb rule applies to the digital world. It is important to note whether the company can provide with an array of good quality and researched keywords. And the web content needs to be development around these keywords. After all the keyword is the crux of a good website as good content determines the websites possibility of being tracked by search engines. Developing informative content for readers by using the necessary keywords appropriately is very important in making or breaking the success of any website. The content needs to be fresh, appealing and of importance to the viewers online.

  • Multi channel optimization

The call of today is Multi-channel optimization. The generated keywords should be one that can be strategically used both for online and off-line marketing techniques. Multi-channel platforms include making use of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Email messages. These social media posts and email messages should be consistently used for posting relevant content online and reaching out to customers directly. A company that has multi-channel optimization on offer should be chosen as it keeps itself up-to-dated as per the demands of the ever evolving market.

A company that fulfils most of these criteria can be considered perfect. Business Module Hub is a name that some of the leading brands in the market testify as to be the best in the field. With consistent performance and effective SEO planning, the company has been able to shape and align the online success stories of many major companies in the current market. In fact, the company is among the very few SEO service providers in the city that have reasonable SEO pricing packages in Kolkata. The company believes in maintaining transparency in all aspects, be it their work, the strategy employed, the time required to achieve results, the prices charged, etc. this is perhaps, an integral reason for the company to be named as a reliable SEO company in Kolkata.


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What is the USP to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized?

Professionals at Business Module Hub understand that a positive return, boost in sales and a guaranteed profit on investment is what drives any business house to engage in spending money on any promotional activity. Hence, the specialists strive towards providing favorable SEO pricing packages. The main aim is to allow customers get value from good SEO services in Kolkata.

It is crucial to remember that every business differs from one another. They may differ in terms of size, investment, requirement, aim, product or service, desired results, etc. Hence, the same approach or SEO strategy may not work for one and all. It is important to strategize the SEO tactic and approach in a way that would keep the focus on the strengths and opportunities of the client company, thereby helping in creating a niche for them in the market.

Business Module Hub is an SEO agency in Kolkata that believes that every customer is unique and so are their requirements. The mission is thus to provide customized solutions that are tailor-made exclusively for individual clients, keeping in the mind their needs, demands, budget and expectations. A major plus point that the company offers is their physical proximity. The team of efficient and diligent specialists can always be reached out to directly. The executives even visit the client’s office for personal assistance. Apart from just SEO services, this enables the clients to also take the help of the local contacts and connect to influential associates that in the long run may help them achieve lucrative accounts.

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