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Mafia City is its tradition-rich and highly-detailed recreation of the late 1960s vibe

It turns out, pretending to kill one another can really bring people together. For those of you not familiar with the Gangster series of mafia games, this is essentially Yotta Games’s take on the MAFIA style of game. mafia city game, With that said, you have a lot of the same game mechanics that your […]

One Of The Best Candid Photographers In Hyderabad Says: Set Your Wedding Photography Budget With These Easy Tips

While we have been in the candid wedding photography business for years, we still get surprised looks when we share our quotations with prospective clients, while some don’t even negotiate. So we decided that as one of the best candid photographers in Hyderabad why not give you a few tips on how to set your […]

How Do Balloons Make Party Halls Look Fabulous?

How many times has it so happened that you went to a party and the decoration didn’t quite impress you? Well, have you wondered why decorations look insipid at times? Well, there could be many reasons, but more often than not it’s because the decoration excludes balloons. Yes, balloons are an extremely important part of […]

HOW TO BEST STYLE EMBELLISHED FISHNETS Fishnets is the way to win Hearts

Fishnets have come a long way. But they certainly they are not the easiest of looks to pull off, unless of course your confidence level is as high as sky and your imagination runs wild when it comes to fashion. Here are a few elegant fishnet stockings and suggestions on how to style them, in […]

Host Your Next Corporate Gathering with a Bang

Have you ever hosted an event in your office? Indeed, it is not an easy task to make arrangements for a corporate program. You have to take care of so many things. You have to ensure that there prevails both professional and personal touch. Where on one side there has to be professional aura; on […]

Decoration Ideas That Can Make Your Event Talk Of The Town!

Whenever you host a treat or an event; make sure that you make it memorable and absolutely jovial. There are always ideas to make your gathering appreciate your hosting and hospitality. You can make everybody hip and hearty in your festivity with the right arrangements and creativity. There are plenty of options that you can […]

What’s Indie Music Anyway? What's Indie Music Anyway?

Few years back I was at a friend’s birthday party when I overheard this splendid track. Within moments I found that song getting stuck to the wires of my brains and repeating itself in a loop like that lingering after-taste of my favourite ice-cream. I remember coming back home and burning the midnight oil digging […]