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Why Thailand is Best for Yoga Retreat?

One of the infamous lands of yoga practice across the world, there are many things that make Thailand an ideal place for yoga trips. Explore the article to know why Thailand is best for a yoga retreat. Undergo a soulful getaway in the sheer magnificent atmosphere of Thailand during a yoga retreat. A yoga retreat […]

Know About Fracture of the Mid Shaft of Femur

DIAGNOSIS General condition: Shock may be present either because of internal hemorrhage at the site of fracture or due to some other associated injury. Clinical evaluation of the patient is essential in all femoral fractures. Local condition: There is apparent swelling of the thigh due to the collection of blood. About 1-2 pints of blood […]

The Best School for Ayurveda Cooking Course in India

Ayurveda heals the body by balancing the dosha and diet and learning Ayurveda cooking helps to achieve great body health. Explore the article and know about the qualities of choosing the best Ayurveda cooking courses in India. Ayurveda is an age-old system of medication and healing and has been practiced across the globe for years […]

Feel The Rhythm of Your Soul at Yoga Retreat Holiday Destinations

Summary: Take a break from your regular hectic life and think about rejuvenating in the lap of nature. Head to India and spend few days in a yoga retreat in order to provide oxygen for your soul. In modern times, living a life full of workload and the high pressure of making it big in […]

Should an Obese Person Become a Yoga Teacher?

Is a good yoga class identified by the body type and appearance of its instructors? Read on to explore an answer to the question. The way a blind person touching an elephant’s feet defines the animal as something cylindrical in shape and the one touching its tail as a knobkerrie, different people see Yoga from […]

Diet & Exercise After Liposuction

Liposuction is an invasive procedure and your recovery will depend on the amount and type of liposuction you have, as well as the area that is treated, according to the Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Procedure website. As with any surgery, you should follow your doctor’s advice on post-operative care and rehabilitation; however, it is generally important to eat […]

Yoga Studios Offer Many Health Benefits

Summary: Welcome a life of bliss by enrolling in a yoga studio to attain all the benefits of the yogic practice. Explore the article to know the health benefits offered by the yoga studios. The emerging ancient practice of yoga has seen immense growth in its popularity in past few years and is in a […]

Tips to Choose Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Yoga retreats is the chance to spend a rejuvenating time in an exotic location. So, for making the experience memorable, this article tells the readers the tips to choose yoga retreat in Nepal. For reviving the body, mind, soul from the repercussions of a fast-paced life, a yoga retreat is an idyllic way to go. […]