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Are you a new business enterprise that dreams of making it big in the market? Or are you a company that wants to increase its reach among the customers? With stiff competition you are bound to face various barriers that are likely to hinder your business growth. No matter how old or new you may be, it is a known phenomenon that every company needs to employ productive measures in order to enjoy good business profits and success. With age old advertising and marketing measures getting exhausted, the need of the time is effective SEO. And for good SEO you require the help of the best Local SEO Company in India. Most companies believe SEO to be the best option to promote oneself online and climb the ladder of success to become a leader in the market.

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Local SEO Pricing packages

local seo pricingEcommerce SEO pricing


Local SEO Pricing Table



Initial Review & Analysis
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In-depth Site Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Competitor Analysis
Primary Keywords Research For upto 3 Keywords For upto 5 Keywords For upto 7 Keywords
Initial Rank Report
On Page Optimization
Maximum No of Pages For upto 3 pages For upto 5 pages For upto 7 pages
Canonical Issue solve
Onpage code to text ratio
W3C Validations Check
Header tags and Alt tags
Robots.txt inclusion
Internal Blog Setup
Sitemap.xml creation
Managing the C panel
Title and Meta tag optimization
Internal Hyperlink
Site Loading speed monitoring
301 redirection done
Google Webmaster Setup
Google Analytics setup
Google Analytics monitoring
Rich Snippets Implementation
Google Plus Business Page setup
Off page Promotion
Blog Writing & Submission 2 3 4
Article Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Guest Blog Writing & Posting NO NO 1
PR Writing & Posting NO NO 1
Document Creation & Posting 1 2 3
Link Prism
Social Bookmarking
Classified Posting
Local Business Listing
Image Submission
G+ Community Share
Monthly Reporting
SEO Rank Report
Google Analytics Report
Customer Support Email/ Skype Email/ Skype Email/ Skype
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local seo pricingEcommerce SEO pricing

The buzz about Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and successful approach towards increasing online presence for any company and making themselves visible to the customers via popular search engine pages. In fact, more and more companies are nowadays paying great effort in getting themselves placed among the top few links in the first result page of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. The success of any business depends a great deal on how the consumers perceive the company to be. Local SEO Ranking plays a vital role in creating and uplifting the brand image of a company. After all, it is known by all that in order to sell, you need to be seen. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best options for such to happen at ease.


All major search engines have result pages with rankings of content of several companies. This ranking is done on the basis of the relevancy of topics based on the keywords. From a business point of view, getting yourself ranked by a company that provides excellent Local SEO services helps you be in a position to catch the eyes of the local audiences very easily. No matter how great a website of any company may be, it is of no use unless it gets noticed and visited by the online audience. Business Module Hub helps you bridge this gap with high quality Local SEO services at exceptionally reasonable prices. . If your company website is listed in leading local search engines by us, you are sure to enjoy a greater chance of being seen by customers.

Search Engine Optimization locally

If you are a company that mainly caters to the requirements of the local audiences, then you require a more minute and intricate SEO measure and marketing strategy that will help you bridge the gap and reach out to the customers on a local level. If you are looking for a company that can help you do so in the best possible manner then we at Business Module Hub are the one for you. We understand Local SEO the best.

We have proven results from our prior clientele that shows that we deliver exactly what we promise to you. Our team of hard working and innovative professionals expertise in optimizing websites in order to reap maximum benefits and accelerate SEO saturation as far as possible. If you mainly wish to sell on a local level then Local SEO services is your requirement, and for such, we are the one for you.

Why choose us for the Local SEO job?

We at Business Module Hub believe in delivering nothing but our best to our clients. Local SEO services by the best Local SEO company in India is provided by experts and professionals who pay intricate attention to the varied needs of the customer in regard to the marketing and promotion of their business, products and services provided online. By simple, smart and effective processes, we at Business Module Hub help you create an impressive presence of your website on leading search engines in the local market. You can avail Local SEO services for the following reasons,

  1. To get your company website ranked in the most popular search engines
  2. To increase your website traffic
  3. To improve your conversion rate
  4. To promote yourself online
  5. To improve the online presence of your company

Google being the most popular option for most people while searching for keywords, We at Business Module Hub help you get the best Google Maps SEO listings apart from just the search engine result pages. This helps you be among the top names whenever one browses through the Google search engine pages for Google local businesses. We also promote you using social media like Face book and Google +. All such is provided to you at exceptionally pocket-friendly local SEO pricing.

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Avenues of SEO services provided

Good Search Engine Optimization can handle several tasks at one go. It involves various actions that make a website more attractive for the viewers. We at Business Module Hub offer customized solutions to you that are likely to work in favor of your company. Some of the Local SEO services that are provided include,

  1. Link building
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Blog Submission
  4. Content & Copy Writing
  5. Social Book Marking
  6. Article Submission
  7. Classified Submission

Once you come to us at Business Module Hub, you can leave all your worries about Local SEO ranking aside. Search Engine Optimization done by us has certain benefits for which our clients choose us for their further needs as well. These are,

  • We provide with simple methods of improving online presence
  • Our measures are always result oriented
  • Our solutions are tailor made just for you
  • We strive to provide cost effective solutions
  • Our measures help in proper promotion of your company locally
  • Our professionals provide a fresh look to your existing marketing strategy
  • We aim towards providing a biased and outside perspective which can pinpoint on several problems that you might overlook as an insider
  • We help you understand about what works and what does not work locally
  • Our solutions are always provided keeping the latest trends in the local market in mind
  • We also provide with regular review of how things are shaping up with your business

We provide you with the best Local SEO pricing as well for a customized package that takes care of all your SEO requirements. We at Business Module Hub guarantee you that once you avail our services, you will never look back again in terms of your business growth online hence forth.

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