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Mobile Marketing: the new age marketing technique

In the current world of fast evolving technology, the public are constantly on the lookout for quick and effective communication. The internet has a lot to offer to the world and helps almost all sectors extensively. Advertisers have consistently been making use of the many advantages of technology and the internet to the highest degree of possibility. Advertisements today are no longer limited to the print or electronic media only. Though these media are still popular options to help companies reach out to the population at large, the need of the time is quick and effective communication so as to not just reach out to the audiences at large but also convey their messages ahead of their competing peers in the market. This urge to have an edge over others have given rise to newer forms of marketing and advertising techniques and methods. One such evolution is Mobile Marketing.

Marketing strategies change and evolve with the changes and development in technology and the socio-economic structure of the market as a whole. Technological development has gifted the world with wireless communication and telephonic capability on the go in the form of the mobile phone. The earlier keypad phone has been almost replaced by the touch screen smart phone today. The user of the smart phone can surf the internet, make calls, read messages, play games, search for information and interact on social websites and community chat forums at ease. Advertisers are thus nowadays making ample use of this technology of the smart phone and other mobile devices like the iphone, ipad and tablets with the latest concept of Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile marketing?

Today the mobile is considered as one of the most popular devices for good marketing techniques. In fact research shows that the number of mobile phone users is much higher than that of computer users. This makes the mobile a positive channel for good promotional activities. This has made the concept of mobile marketing a new boom in the market.

Mobile marketing basically refers to using the medium of the mobile phone for marketing purposes. The mobile phone is used here as the forum to execute the marketing technique and deliver the advertising message to the audiences. This way the company can reach out to its customers and prospective consumers even when the person is out on the road. The technique gives the advertisement a privileged or customized feel meant exclusively for the receiving individual customer.

Customers are so very engrossed with their cell phones today that marketers believe the device to be an excellent marketing tool. If any company is not engaged in mobile marketing today then marketing experts consider the firm to be lagging behind in terms of its marketing strategy. Mobile marketing involves placing ads online that can appear easily on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. These ads are generally compatible to the software requirements of most mobile devices. Most of these ads are placed in popular search websites and social networking sites.

Types of Mobile Marketing

Several companies have adopted newer techniques while formulating a unique mobile marketing strategy for themselves. Every company is in fact on the lookout for something new and different so as to catch the eyes of the busy audiences on the go. Just like the products of each company differs from one another, so does the budget and requirements and hence so does the mobile marketing strategy. Most strategists follow a similar pattern though while charting out the mobile marketing strategy for any company. There are different kinds of mobile marketing strategies like,

  1. App based marketing
  2. In-game based marketing
  3. Location based marketing
  4. Mobile search ads
  5. QR code
  6. Mobile image ads
  7. SMS

Mobile marketing techniques involve reaching out to the audiences with promotional messages that are likely to provoke the viewer to opt for the products or services of the promoting company. Each of these marketing techniques has its own set of advantages. Based on the requirement of the company, one can choose from these to enjoy lucrative results.

Pros and cons of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the offspring of E-marketing. The internet gave way to the concept of e-marketing. With mobile devices fast being used for similar purposes, advertisers today face challenges for achieving favorable results in terms of marketing for organizations. Some advantages of mobile marketing techniques include,

  1. Ease of quick connectivity
  2. Constant accessibility
  3. Sophisticated looking ads compatible in almost every device
  4. Instant reach to the audiences
  5. Ease of keeping tabs over promotional activities
  6. Customized and tailor made ads targeted towards the audiences
  7. Easy and accurate audience measurement
  8. Possibility of direct and personalized interaction with the audiences
  9. More cost effectiveness
  10. Reduction in man power requirement
  11. Huge sharing and viral benefits
  12. Almost instant results
  13. Easy to use for one and all
  14. Easy mass communication

But just like any other medium, one comes across a few disadvantages as well. These include,

  1. Creation of different campaigns for same ad message
  2. Online privacy issues
  3. Difficult or cumbersome navigation on smaller mobile device screens

But with so much on offer, most marketers overlook these cons and look at the wider picture where the company is likely to benefit from a sound and intelligent mobile marketing strategy.

Golden rules for mobile marketing

Experts from the field of marketing and advertising emphasis upon few simple, yet important, guidelines that every individual should keep in mind while opting for and executing the mobile marketing strategy. These tips include points like,

  • Choose the right channel
  • Research your audience and choose wisely
  • Be definite about your goal
  • Convey your message in a simple yet concrete manner
  • Always use correct language
  • Keep your target audience in mind
  • Optimize for local mobile marketing
  • Experiment with different strategies
  • Keep a track of your strategies and results

Success mantra for mobile marketing strategies

Many companies have complained that their mobile marketing strategies did not work for them. Perhaps they did not follow the necessary guidelines for such. A good marketing strategy should be based on sound market research and focus on the right product mix. This is likely to achieve maximum profit gains and enable the business to grow. The strategy should focus on the needs and demands of the customers. Only then will it be a successful one. In order for a mobile marketing strategy to be successful, one has to follow the following five simple steps.

  1. Using proper and popular keywords
  2. Including genuine contact information
  3. Prioritizing the sales offer
  4. Compatibility of content
  5. Hyper-localized marketing

These few steps are supposed to be the key features that can make or break a marketing strategy for the mobile device. Companies looking for success in mobile marketing should consider these points in order to improve their returns and achieving positive results.

The future of mobile marketing

The increasing mobile connectivity and reach has made mobile marketing a budding technique for marketing. A major advantage that the mobile device allows to advertisers is that being wireless and mobile, mobile marketing is expected to work no matter where the location may be or the time of the day. These natural barriers are done away with mobility.

Mobile marketing has given rise to the concept of the e-wallet. These e-wallets are easy to use and help customers make instant purchases in a cumbersome and reliable manner. This makes purchases easier and a stress-free and enjoyable experience for the customers. Mobile apps are a new source of interest among the customers that is likely to propel greater sales. These apps are also found to be enjoyable and interesting for customers thus making the entire purchase experience worth the effort for both the company and the customer. Apps often offer special discounts and loyalty points or cash back offers that encourage the customers to often return back every time. This helps build a positive brand image for the company and its products and services. This is possible by effective mobile marketing techniques.

The future of mobile marketing seems to be quite bright by the professionals of the field of advertising and marketing. Currently in mobile marketing, the quality of the final product is much more important than the quantity. This trend is expected to persist and thus maintain the prospects of mobile marketing in the market. The mobile device is expected to remain as an important sales tool in the coming future as well. The device is expected to not just work as an effective sales operating tool but also a major device to drive higher sales figures. A much higher customer retention rate is also expected by experts of the field of mobile marketing.

With ample scope of innovation, creativity and mobile commerce, experts of the field consider mobile marketing to be the new buzz in town and the concept is here to stay for a long time ahead.

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