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Businesses which rely on the digital activities to increase their revenue funnel must be somewhere aware by the effectiveness and the powerfulness of the PPC. This service helps any business (small to multinational) to get better qualified leads in terms of business inquiries and phone calls. Whether you are looking to sale your newly developed product or expert services to your targeted customers, PPC is the one stop solution to get instant results.

Any organization must hire a professional PPC service provider to showcase their products or services to the potential audience and improve their revenue growth in a short time.

PPC Management Packages & Pricing

No Extra Setup Fee. No complicated Calculation. No Minimum Commitment.

Client’s Monthly Adbudget



Monthly Ad Management Fee Min ₹5,000 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high Min ₹7,650 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high Min ₹16,500 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
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Banner Ads
Campaign Management
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Initial Estimate Report
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Google Analytics Set-up
Daily Campaign Management
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What is PPC or performance marketing?

PPC stands for Pay per click. This is one of the most modern and successful marketing technique opted by most companies today in the market. Although the name signifies that, you pay only when your ad is clicked by anyone in your targeted locations. To execute a PPC project in a proper manner you must a find an organized and trusted PPC company. A successful PPC campaign can easily raise your profit margin to huge extent. Besides generating leads for businesses, an expert PPC management helps to increase the potential website visitors which in turn help one to get business.

Powerful & Short term

As Google has become the integral part of our daily life when it comes to searching something or purchasing a product or availing a service online; the product development companies and the service providers are taking these chances to converting a customer into business by showing them relevant advertisement for their search terms. Till date, it is considered as one of the most cost effective ways of online marketing.

The PPC campaign management software is known as Google AdWords, through which all the activities regarding the execution of a Pay Per Click advertisement is monitored. We at Business Module Hub assure that, depending on the spending amount our beloved clients will get the best of return on investment for their businesses.

Full transparency

With the Google AdWords certified experts, we at Business Module Hub help businesses by providing meaningful and useful data through the optimized PPC campaign management. It helps assessing the potential audience as well as planning our future goals of an organization properly.

Advertising Channels We Cover In Our PPC Management Services

When we talk about paid marketing, you must not be limited only to Google search advertising. It also diversified into many individual channels such as Bing, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Amazon and so on. We at Business Module Hub as a successful PPC company in India, offers the wide range of paid advertising services to small to large scale businesses.

Performance marketing

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Search Engine AdvertisingSearch Engine Marketing

Search Engine Advertising helps potential audience to find a business online with ease. Nowadays, the paid advertisement has taken the edge over the organic procedures to outperform the other competitors in the market. The main advantage of paid search engine advertising is it takes no time to place your business over the others in the same run. With exclusive and advanced features Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing Ad Centers platform it is possible to catch your desired customers and track their every possible activities on your website/s. A PPC management company does it in more optimized way.

Display AdvertisingDisplay Ads

If you are a new business or the veteran you would always love to spread brand awareness about your products or services to the rest of the world, more precisely to your desired audience categories. Display advertising can really help you to achieve this through some innovative approaches through the Google Adwords and other related advertising tools. We at Business Module Hub proudly introduce ourselves as one of the reputed PPC company in India. Through display marketing process, your brand advertisement will be placed on the website/s of your choice over the internet where you expect your customers to find you and avail business services for them.

Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising, by its name it depicts that advertising campaign/s which can be run over all the popular social media platforms like the Twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Wondering how it can help you? Well, from a novice point of view it is obvious that these are the most engaging platforms that a general user uses. You can display your advertisements in several formats like “Image Ads”, “Video Ads”, “Carousel Ads” etc to promote various kinds of business products and services. You can even promote your newly developed app/s, you can sell your products online etc.

Remarketing AdsRemarketing

We help finding you the right audience for your business. With our reasonable PPC pricing packages in India, track your customers behavior like which of the service/s and product/s page they are visiting on your website and knock them regularly whether they are still interested in your products & services. One may be thinking how it is possible to knock the potential audience. The Remarketing advertisement feature by the Ad networks like Google, Facebook and other leading brands help you to do so. The remarketing ads work with the help of the stored cookie from the browser/s. A snippet code needs to be inserted in your service/product page so that you can display your product/s again on the other websites they are visiting within a given time frame.

Shopping AdsShopping Ads

If you are an online store and sell products to your desired customers, then you can opt for this kind of advertisement campaign/s. By narrowing your audience you can target the exact area you want your products to be sold. The Google Shopping ad campaign helps displaying your products for related search terms on the top of the search engine result page. There are various formats to design or set your ads. From small business to several larger brands use this feature to sell their products online. Shopping ad is also referred as Product Listing Ad. Business Module Hub, an experienced PPC company in India can optimize your campaign by keep in mind your profit margin.

Mobile AdsMobile Ads

Explore all the channels to promote your business products and services as per your budget. As the mobile users are growing exponentially, so it is necessary to port your business to mobile also. As a Google Adwords service provider agency in India we offer attractive ad packages on mobile networks. The Universal App Campaign and other display advertising services on cross-device platforms help you to find your right audience to promote your business.

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Why should you avail PPC marketing services from us?


We are a unit of experience and successful Google certified PPC experts. Thus, we can proudly say, with the best of our understanding of Search Engine Marketing, we help organizations to maximize ROI by executing successful PPC campaign throughout.


With experience of more than 5 years as a successful PPC agency in India, till date we have worked with several highly respected businesses from United States, Australia, United Kingdom and India.


Setting up and managing a successful Google Adwords campaign needs serious data analysis like keywords, user locations, user behavior etc. We use advanced tools to do all these stuffs at expert level.


We help businesses to monitor the AdWords campaign with us by sharing a common access, so that businesses can look after the changes that we will be doing as per the requirement. We believe in maintaining a transparency with our beloved clients.

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Being active in the online advertising business for almost a decade, we promise;

  • Auditing of your existing AdWords account.
  • Maximum business mileage from your chosen advertising budget.
  • Graphic and text ads that represent your product/service offerings in the best possible way.
  • Extensive keyword research (including negative keywords) that promises search phrases best suited for your business.
  • Expert advice from seasoned web advertising minds.
  • Personalized assistance for your every query and question.

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