Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a series of marketing techniques that help improve the ranking position of websites in search engine result pages.

Q: Why do I need SEO?

A: SEO services help a website rank better in search engine result pages. A higher ranking is likely to attract more traffic to your website. You will enjoy greater exposure among the viewers and with more visitors to your site is likely to transform into more probable customers. This is likely to increase your business sales.

Q: Is SEO different from SEM?

A: Yes, SEO is different from SEM as the latter includes refers to Search Engine Marketing that includes search marketing aspects like PPC, social media campaigning, SEO and affiliate programs.

Q: How should one decide on appropriate keywords for SEO?

A: Identification of keywords in an important interactive session between us and the client. By understanding the business in an in-depth manner, we come up with suitable keywords that we think is appropriate. We then tally these keywords with related search terms in our database. Based on the search results here, we decide on the most commonly looked upon keywords that is best suitable for your company and suggest you those.

Q: Can you assist for a blacklisted website?

A: Yes, we can help websites that have been banned or blacklisted by Google or any other popular search engine. We perform an audit that makes sure that you practice only recommended tactics. His is communicated to the search engine and convince them to list you back again.

Q: Should my keywords be highlighted in bold or italics?

A: Highlighting keywords in bold or italics is generally not recommended. Rather it is important for the correct placement of keywords to draw more traffic to your website. it is advised for keywords to be placed within the first few lines of your content itself. Then the keyword can be judiciously used several times again in the content body.

Q: Will a blog help in better SEO?

A: Blogs do nothing extra in raising the rankings. Blogs generally work as bringing or adding in new or fresh content to existing information for a company.

Q: What is the best way to optimize my website?

A: Search Engine Optimization involves numerous tactics that help optimize your website in the best possible manner. SEO coupled with good online marketing techniques is generally what we opt for to optimize a website better. SEO results are time based with guaranteed results.

Q: is SEO better than Paid Advertisements?

A: SEO is the most commonly used tactic used by companies to be in the view line of the online audiences.  Though Paid Advertisements bring you directly in front of the viewer’s eyes, SEO is considered more appropriate for business houses as unlike paid advertisements, you do not need to pay every time you receive a click from the viewers end.

Q: Can Social media be used for SEO?

A: the social media offers great scope for good SEO. The social media allows back links and social mention of your company site pages, articles, press releases and the like. Social media campaigns are very popular nowadays and compliment SEO and SEM tactics tremendously. Engaging in social media can also help you build a community of followers for yourself, allowing them to connect with you and also spread knowledge about yourself, your products and services.

Q: Is page rank important for SEO?

A: No, the Google Page Rank toolbar is not been updated in the last few years and neither does the company pan to do so in the coming future. The company has notified that page rank does not hold importance in SEO criteria.

Q: Does good content guarantees a good ranking?

A: Relevant and high quality content is important for your website to retain viewers. But this does not necessarily mean that you enjoy a higher ranking position. The key to success of good SEO is good content along with back links from authoritative domains. One without the other is incomplete for good SEO.

Q: is there a possibility of negative SEO?

A: Yes. Competitors can use unethical practices to outrank you by creating back links that may be negative for your image. To protect your website from such, you must always keep track of all back links that your site may be getting.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive positive results from SEO?

A: this can wary from one website to another. It can take weeks, months or even years, no one can say for sure. It depends on key factors like the niche your website is in, the back links you own and what resources you allocate for SEO. Experts say that SEO is an on-going process where you can never say that you are done and have reached your final target.

Q: Can I buy back links?

A: Buying links to manipulate the search engine results is considered as unethical by Google guidelines. You may be penalized for such if t=it is found that you have been buying back links to improve your SEO. However, you can buy back links as long as they are nofollow.