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10 Golden Rules Of Personal Branding

Developing a personal brand is daunting work and requires much effort. Most people don't even know what it entails talk more about understanding how to start the process of personal branding.

In today's evolving job market, it is very essential and quite important for every individual to have a personal brand and identity.

Below are the Golden rules of personal branding which when followed properly will attract the right people and also open for you opportunities that might pass you by.


Deciding what you want for yourself is the very first step to creating a personal brand for yourself. You must be specific about what you want. You have to create a niche in your niche. You have to niche it down to a specific message and a well-defined audience. This way, you wouldn't deviate from your master plan.

Wanting to be everything to everybody is one of the surest ways to fail as a brand.

Be Genuine

One thing people love most about others is being authentic. Being genuine is being truthful to yourself and your audience. When you engage with your audience meaningfully without being a copy cat, you are carving your path into their heart.

It will be reassuring if people know you for a particular skill or area of specialization and become a force in such an area. Your reputation will surely build you the brand you want. It will also make it easier for you to manage your brand daily.

Tell A Story

Building a true narrative around your brand is the surest possible way to pitch you to your audience. If your brand is not telling a story, you might be losing many of your potential audience.

Speak up, craft a story around your brand that relates and is understandable to your targeted audience. You can do this through written content or videos. Make every of your story unique by focusing on what makes them stand out.

Be Consistent

When you understand what sets you apart from other brands, focusing on that will be much easier. It is not to be clear on what you want alone that matters, it is always being there, always showing, and always being consistent with your message.

You must always be available to talk and engage your audience both online and offline. A one-time inconsistency can cause you a lot. It can also be about your personality, it's advisable you let people know this thing is all about you, pitching yourself as a go-to in such situations.

Learn From Failure

Human nature abhors failure but it is basic to ensure you have a strong brand that rises above others. It is really good to fail at the early stages of the process as this will instill in you such mistakes you must always avoid.

Most brand out there ensures their successes through many trial and errors. Failure is inevitable, what matters is understanding your vision, values, purpose, and passion and sticking to them as best as you can.

Be A Good Impact

The success of your brand over time is your relationship with people, how best you maintain them. Burning bridges and ties will get you nowhere.

Constancy building community around your brand and understanding that you are your brand irrespective of the work or job you are doing at the moment. Your community and focus should be your utmost priority.

Build Network

Learning how to effectively network is one surest way to building a reputable personal brand. Attend high-level networking events and plan on how to secure a quality few connections there. Find out what you can do for the new connections, how you can help them. Your major concern should be about helping others and building a lasting connection.

Have An Image

Find your standing point, what you can do to stand out from others. What you want to be known for. And what image people will have in mind whenever someone else mentions your name around them. This is very essential as it furthers your uniqueness.

Live Your Brand

Your branding should follow you everywhere you go. It should be an authentic manifestation of who you said you are. This way it will be easier for people to identify you with your brand. Thus stressing your consistency and clarity about what you hold as your vision.


Adapt, adjust and repeat what works best for you. Your brand needs to evolve and grows per the circumstances at hand but you must ensure you don't deviate from your visions.

After you have perfected your vision, ensuring your reputation, and created a solid community around you, what next is to leave a legacy. Leave something that you will always be remembered for after you are gone.

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