10 Tips on How to Proofread Your Resume to Succeed in Your Job-Search


While the job market has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the tips on writing and editing a job resume have become of top importance. Writing a resume can be a very nervous and difficult task that requires perseverance and patience, basically, just like the period of job search itself. Firstly, it is getting on your nerves because you have not yet earned a penny in your wallet, and secondly, you need to show employers what you really know and show your skills. 

So you spend hours searching for the right template, writing the right words and expressions, and finally, it's ready, or at least you think so. In fact, this is only half the work, and if you want to make your resume perfect, then we strongly advise you to take a break and then analyze and work on mistakes. Where to start? You can use our professional resume builder or follow the simple rules of resume verification.

How to Make a Resume Better With an Easy Resume Builder?

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Keep reading the article to find useful tips on how to proofread your resume.

Secrets for Improving the Quality of Your Resume

They say a person needs only half a second to make a first impression about a person. And an interviewer who has seen more than a hundred candidates like you will need even less. Therefore, in order to immediately make it clear to others that you are ready to take this position, you must work through all aspects of your resume and bring them to the ideal. 

Oddly enough, any little things, whether they are any mistakes or typos, can say a lot about you and reduce your chances to zero. But if you know a couple of secrets about editing and checking, then this task will become quite simple. 

Let's get started!

  1. Finding Errors During Operation

Probably the most effective but painstaking technique will be a spelling check after each written paragraph or sentence. You can write it right under the original phrase trying to shorten it as much as possible, and this should protect you from unwanted speech or spelling mistakes.

  1. Read Every Word as Meticulously as Possible

Although it requires a certain amount of time, after reading every word in your resume, you will be confident in it. You definitely should not make any mistakes.

  1. Take the Time and Work With a Fresh Head

Getting a job is the same as an exam for every student, and it should also be taken seriously. As we know, without allocating time, at least an hour is needed for preparation. And if you studied without getting enough sleep, then nothing good would come of it. Plan your time, get some sleep, take a walk and get to work!

  1. Read it Aloud

No matter how unusual it is for you to read your resume out loud, you need to do this because only if you read aloud you can find mistakes in intonation, hear places where words do not sound perfect, or see some simple speech errors.

  1. Turn to Professional Software

With the growth of high technologies, you do not need to search for every word in the dictionary, just try different software, such as Grammarly, to try to catch the remaining errors, or even turn to a professional proofreader, if this position is very important for you.

  1. Let Another Person Read It

If we work on a resume for a long time, then our eyes will get used to some unexpected and unnoticeable mistakes, but if possible, give your resume to another person to read, and they might immediately notice what you have missed. You can also ask other people for a piece of advice on what can be added or removed in each part of the resume and what can increase your chances.

  1. Return to the Task After a While

If you have free time, then why not re-read and recheck your resume again after a while. Try to occupy yourself with something else. During this time, your foggy head will think a little clearer, and you will be able to approach the recheck more seriously. Moreover, this will help you look at the resume from a different angle.

  1. Count the Repeated Errors

See what mistakes you make most often; perhaps with the help of the "Find" function in your text editor, you can automatically remove them without wasting time on it.

  1. Check the Quality of the Lexicon Used

In ordinary life, we do not speak on themes connected to business and do not use academic style with every person. Because of this, we can move away from the business style in our resume or use too many slang words. You can check for the presence of such words on Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. These excellent online resources will help you make your resume more active and replace passive verbs with active ones.

  1. Check the Most Important Things in Your Resume

Check the spelling of your name, your contact information, whether you have correctly indicated the year of graduation and your achievements. Whether the links that you have attached to your resume work and whether there are no viruses on the sites, all this affects the opinion of the employer.

Believe me, all the time spent proofreading will have a beneficial effect on the results of your interview. And now that you know a little more and are following these tips, you can easily find the way to your dream job, nearby success, and career growth.