Monday, October 2, 2023
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4 Benefits of Giving Your Clients Gifts

For many of us, we only ever speak with our customers online or over the phone, which can make it seem a little strange to think about sending them gifts.

However, giving gifts to your clients to celebrate holidays or perhaps the anniversary of their joining you as a customer adds a personal touch that you can’t get digitally. Giving gifts is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship and promote your business into the bargain.

Helps to build a personal relationship

Taking the opportunity to give your client a thoughtful gift is a great way to start building a more personal relationship with them. We all love receiving a gift, and we often think fondly of the gift-giver as a result.

Building a more personal relationship with your customers is important because this kind of relationship means increased loyalty, which benefits you in a few ways:

  • Reduced churn. Loyal customers are less likely to look elsewhere, which means a saving for you because you won’t have to try and win new customers.
  • Helpful feedback. As you develop a deeper relationship with your customers, you can start asking them for honest feedback on your services, which is absolutely priceless.
  • Positive word of mouth. If someone feels loyalty towards a company, they will naturally recommend them to their friends more readily than if they don’t. You could end up with new customers through word of mouth without having to approach them yourself.

Shows gratitude

Giving your customers gifts to thank them for opportunities shows that you are grateful for their business. This is important. If people feel as though their business isn’t appreciated, this can be a factor in their decision to go elsewhere.

Opportunity for promotion

If you choose your gift wisely, it can be an opportunity for promotion. It’s a given that the gift you give should feature your company logo somewhere so that it’s visible.

However, you also need to make sure that the gift is one that will be picked up and looked at by people other than your customer. Gifts like a custom magic 8 ball featuring your company logo are a great choice because there are not many people who can resist picking them up when they see them - and each time they do, that’s free promotion for you. You could also think about things like personalized chocolates that will get passed around, or personalized pens are a classic. The 1100-2 Benchmade tactical pen is a great gift and can be purchased at CE Blades.

Sends a message about your company

You can use your gift to send a message about the kind of company you are and how you want your relationship to be with your customers.

Your customers have so many different options, and yet they choose you. That’s why our client gift boxes are a great way to improve retention and solidify relationships with those you do business with. Buy client gift boxes at Swag Bar. Giving your client a gift box is a unique way to show your appreciation for them choosing to do business with you.

For example, a playful gift like a toy or game shows a desire to collaborate playfully, whereas a more serious gift like stationery shows an air of professionalism.

You can use the gifts that you give your customers to set the tone for your relationship and influence what image they have of your company. This is a good tactical move if you feel that a customer may have been left with a negative experience of your business.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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