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5 Benefits Of Table Talkers That You Should Know

Table talkers are a great way to grab the attention of your customers. When your customers enter your place of business, their interest would be in the products you offer and the discounts they can get. Rather than give a verbal sermon, having table talkers and pull up banners are more effective.  

Table talkers are cost beneficial for businesses. You can have a lot of information put into the table talkers and yet make it look snazzy and stylish, just as would be the case with customised pull up banners. 

What are table talkers? 

When you go to a restaurant, you would generally find a card on the table. These cards are table talkers which typically have information regarding special dishes or discounts and offers that the restaurant has. The restaurant is able to give you the important information as soon as you sit at the table and before you even engage with a host or a waiter. 

As such, table talkers are a great way to provide crucial information. Most people tune out when you try to give them information verbally. But if they have a card in their hand that has the relevant information, they would pay more attention.  

One should not confuse table talkers with paper pamphlets. Table talkers and leaflets are entirely different. A table talker is thicker and is more of a card than a paper. It is usually three sided or two sided, but it can be customised to suit your needs.  

Table talkers can be used for multiple purposes. In conferences or at weddings, table talkers can be used to display table numbers or even names where the guests can sit. It doesn’t need to be a simple number either. You can customise the cards with a theme for the occasion, that can go along with any pull up banners you might also have at the location.  

Benefits of table talkers 

1) Grabbing customer’s attention 

You may have some great deals on offer that would be beneficial to your customers. But if they do not get to see them, they will never do business with you. You can put up promotional pull up banners, but another way to attract a client’s attention is with the help of table talkers.  

Considering table talkers have multiple sides, you can even display multiple offers which can appeal to different customers. With just one table talker, you can reach out to customers looking for entirely different deals.  

You can even have a different design for each panel, so that the customer can see they are different offers. This way, you won’t have to worry your customers will just put aside the card after reading only one side of it.  

2) Highlighting new products and offers 

When you have regular customers coming into your business, you don’t really have to worry about telling them about what products you offer. However, when you have a new product or a new offer, you would need to bring it to their attention.  

The best way to do that would be through table talkers. This is especially effective when you don’t usually have table talkers. When you place it on the table, your customers will notice it and want to look at what it is about. This way, you will be able to inform them of the new products or offers even when they have not asked about it.  

Table talkers are also an effective way to try and get your customers interested in the new products without being a hassle. If you just verbally accost them and tell them about the new things you have on offer, they may not take it kindly. It could even spell the end of their business with you.  

But table talkers let you get past that awkwardness. You can have them put surreptitiously in front of them without seeming to forcefully push the products. It also gives the customer the satisfaction they made the decision to choose the product or offer on their own.  

3) Bringing attention to less popular products 

You don’t need to put a lot of effort into selling products that are already popular. Your customers will already know about them and will make a beeline for them without any need for prodding. However, it’s not just about your popular products. You will need to find a way to sell your less popular products too. 

The best way to do that is through table talkers. While promotional pull up banners can be used for the popular products, your lesser-known products and offers can be given more exposure through table talkers.  

Even at restaurants, there is no real need for putting all your offerings in one giant menu. You can have a separate table talker for the lesser-known dishes, which can grab the attention of your patrons. You then have the chance to move these dishes into the popular category. 

4) Stay on top of seasonal trends 

Many companies have products that are specific to a certain event or a festival. Christmas and Halloween are the popular festivals during which businesses go all out to put up promotional pull up banners of products and offers. You can take the help of table talkers as well.  

Table talkers are understated and can actually be very effective on customers who may end up seeing too many pull up banners on their way over to your business place. You can have the festival offer in front of them with snazzy designs that attract customers. It would be easier for them to read up on what you have to offer and place their orders.  

5) Useful for all types of industries 

There is no restriction on which industry can benefit from the use of table talkers. It can range from retail shops to even spas and nail salons. Even corporate offices can have table talkers with some product information that clients can check out when they visit.  

Supporting a cause 

Table talkers do not necessarily have to be about promoting a product. They can be used for even promoting and supporting a cause. Flyers are generally used in these cases, but they are more less ignored by the targeted audience

However, a table talker can have a bigger impact in these cases. Hospitals and doctor offices are specifically suited for this. For instance, if you want to bring attention to people that they need to get themselves a health check up on a regular basis, a table talker is likely to do the trick. The table talkers compel the reader to take a look. 


While you can have promotional pull up banners everywhere, you can also take the help of table talkers to help drive the promotion of your products and services. You can get your own design and get them done or you can take the help of templates that are readily available.  

Using table talkers for promotional purposes can help push your products into sales. Even lesser-known products can get a boost with the help of table talkers. You can use them for supporting a cause or even for a seasonal offer that you may not be having all through the year. Table talkers provide the right avenue for all these needs. 

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