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5 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online in 2021

We spent most parts of 2020 sitting at home and 2021 isn’t surely going to be the year life returns back to normal. There would be reasonable restrictions in place till we have seen the last of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the job market expected to be bleak for the next few quarters, people stuck at their homes are busy looking for online streams of revenue. Affiliate marketing for long has been one of the best sources of online money making. With dozens of affiliate programs to choose from most newbies are overwhelmed. We rid you from this dilemma and have curated a list of five best affiliate programs to make money online in 2021. Sign up and get ready to count your dollars.

  1. Amazon Associates        
    Amazon’s affiliate marketing program still remains the top deal for affiliate marketers. If you are beginner this is the best program to start with. With millions of products and thousands of product categories, starting your affiliate marketing business on Amazon is surely easier than most other programs. The commission is also attractive and depending on the category or product you are promoting you can earn anywhere between 1-10% commission for every successful sale.
  2. Wal-Mart Affiliate Program       
    The retail giant has its own affiliate marketing program and here again you will be able to leverage the brand’s popularity. Millions of dollars’ worth of products flies off Wal-Mart stores every day and you can earn decent commission by signing into their affiliate program. While the commission might be less as compared to other programs, here you will have the advantage of volumes.
  3. CJ Affiliate Program      
    If you are an experienced programmer with good traffic this is the one for you. In fact there is no room for beginners in this program. You need to generate revenue for them to remain in their fold. This program is currently associated with 300 plus brands and the commission amount can go as high as 40% on this platform. You can generate killer income here.
  4. Spotify Affiliate Program              
    This would be the Affiliate marketing program for 2021 taking into account the growth prospects. Experienced marketers have been making a beeline for this program since last year given the scale of growth this platform has seen in the last year.  There is hefty commission to earn here promoting music and podcasts and also bringing in paid subscribers to the fold. It might not sound that easy as compared to other marketing products, but it has immense growth potential.
  5. Share A Sale Affiliate Program    
    This is another one for the experienced affiliate marketers and one that has built strong reputation in the last two decades. With 5000 plus vendors under its wings this program allows marketers across different niches to make a killing income by getting a share of the profits. The payout limit is slightly higher in this program and hence beginners might have to wait for long to get their first income.

Which one of these affiliate programs sounds the most exciting for you? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, 2021 would surely be a year of great opportunities for affiliate marketers. 

Summary: In this write-up we look at the five best Affiliate Marketing programs for 2021 and what makes them top our list.

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