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5 Features your payroll software must have

Payroll is an essential component of every business. The payroll system determines the salary of each employee. Payroll software functions are now used to optimize and manage employee payments. Payroll software is useful for automating tasks such as salary depositing and tax preparation. UKG Pro cloud solutions for HR, payroll, and expertise are built to improve the employee's experience in mind. Consider purchasing payroll software to ease your payroll obligations and free up more time in your day for other tasks. But, what kinds of payroll system features should you look for when shopping for software? Continue reading for more information.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is a comprehensive tool for managing employee payroll, tax rates, and timekeeping. It significantly aids payroll work by keeping a full history of the amounts to be paid for each hour worked. Payroll software that is reliable, incorporated, and fully optimized can help organizations of all sizes maintain tax compliance and other financial regulations while lowering costs.

What are the must-have features of payroll software?


A good payroll system must provide sufficient security to protect its users from both external and internal hackers. They must also make sure that employee data is safeguarded against unauthorized access. The platform you select should have layers of protection, particularly since it will handle sensitive information, such as employees’ personal information, salaries, tax deductions, and so on like UKG Pro. It is critical to find a device that not only protects your data but also provides regular network monitoring to ensure that all financial data is secure at all times.

Filing & Deposit 

Engaging with payroll tax withholdings and filings is one of the most difficult aspects of running payroll. Focus on finding a tool that offers a functionality where the business does the filings and deposits for you to further streamline your payroll. To ensure the accuracy of your technology, consider whether it can support multi-state companies and a variety of business structures, such as corporations and LLCs. It should also be able to support a variety of plans, from hourly work to monthly salary with bonuses and commissions. Furthermore, find out if vendors provide tax filing assistance to customers who use their services–most do these days.


By manually managing every payroll detail, the HR department and the accounting department could save time. As a result, payroll software can reduce the possibility of miscalculation and placing important data in the wrong file. For example, a mistake in placing decimals or ‘0’ can result in a huge loss in the organization’s financial structure. It is not only error-free payroll software, but it is also time-saving. The employee data has been synced. The organization can avoid penalties by following all regulatory rules.

Employee Self-service

An employee self-service portal is another feature to look for in payroll software. Employee self-service, or ESS, enables employees to update personal details, view payslips, and review benefit details. Workers might be able to access their W-2s at the end of the year, record their time cards, and print payroll data using an ESS. When looking for software, find out if they have a portal, how much it costs, and what its abilities are.

Mobile Friendly 

In a community where iPhones and Androids reign supreme, it’s no surprise that software behemoths include features designed to be accessed on the go. Managers and payroll teams can run payroll and generate reports while away from the office, while workers can maintain their details, view their pay stubs, and verify their hours worked. The additional benefit of utilizing a tool with mobile self-service is that it relieves HR staff of the burden of forms and tasks that can be resolved individually by the employee.


Payroll processing can be completed quickly with the right software. It should be noted that those still using paper time cards or a system that does not integrate will have to manually enter the required information before processing. Payroll is one of those unpleasant accounting-related tasks. The smallest error can lead to a slew of issues. Use a high-quality system to avoid them from happening. It is critical to understand the characteristics and functions of each before making a decision. Make a list of the payroll application features and factors that are essential for your small business to refer to when shopping around. Once you’ve identified a few prospective software companies, consider your pros and cons to determine which one is the best fit.

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Syandita Malakar
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