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5 Things to Avoid When to Create an App for iOS Platform

5 Things to Avoid When to Create an App for iOS Platform1

Nowadays, society has impacted by the new development in a technological world. People these days have grown extremely addicted to the use of these technological inventions that one cannot even imagine their life without them. Developers always claim that their inventions are going to revolutionize the world, but no other industry can even imagine how the cellular environment evolves with time.

Technology has helped humankind as a whole to grow and develop. Technological inventions made living convenient and enjoyable. It helps to keep you connected with loved ones in different parts of the world, and can also connect with long-distance relationships are some of the best things technology has offered to us. The market for mobile apps is booming. Apple and Google launched its online application stores that have been growing exponentially in today's market. 

According to a recent Pew Research Center Study, the number of users accessing the Internet on their smartphones has more than doubled in the past five years, as has the number of users downloading and using mobile apps.

What is iOS?

Mobile operating systems like iOS used to run the popular trends of iPhone, iPad, and devices. Systems like iOS put each application in their own protective layer that makes it impossible for viruses to infect apps on these operating systems. Apple is the most popular store that has more than 2 million iOS apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. 

The iOS app store is one of the most popular and commonly used mobile operating platforms. But it doesn't mean they do not have challenges, or they always succeed while developing an app. If anyone plans to create an app for the iOS platform, some components need to be avoided by iPhone app developers while developing an iPhone app.

Things to Avoid When to Create an App for iOS Platform

Here we have listed some points that need to avoid while creating an app for the iOS platform.

1. Using UI operations with the Main Thread

Multithreading is the most common problem that developers need to fix when developing an iOS app. This is primarily due to UIKit's nature, which is not bug-free or completely safe. The issue further expands in the programming process due to hampering the main thread. It's not easy to address the issue. This is because there is no built-in support for the Swift programming language to combat the problem.

Use competitive APIs to specifically identify a block of code that, owing to the UI command, will prevent the process of accidentally blocking the primary thread procedure.

2. Onboarding and registration process

Developing code is one of the primary stages of any app. It is advisable for a developer to keep the user-interface as simple as possible. Impressing the user when they use it is crucial; otherwise, it is likely to be uninstalled immediately. There are plenty of applications available on iOS platforms, but designers need to pay attention to the process of onboarding and registration in order to stand out in the market.

If developers want to stand strong in the market with other popular firms, then it is essential to pay attention to the interface and complexity of the registration process. Otherwise, it won't attract as many customers of the app as you want.

3. Beta Testing

It is essential to develop an iOS application with appealing features. Developing an application with functional features is important. It would be the worst move by developers to ignore beta testing. The beta testers are a particular audience group capable of evaluating and assessing the functionality of the application. The beta testers give feedback to apps that are very helpful for application enhancement.

4. Complicated Process

The most common features that are required to be avoided while developing an app. The primary reason is, to develop an app with an impressive design, developers often use a lot of tools and plugins which make the app for the complex. It is advisable to keep the app user-friendly and simple with attractive features.

5. Extra-High Resolution

Usually, the success of any mobile application is judged on the basis of the user interface. With impressive user experience, developers tend to develop a new high-resolution user interface. This will slow down the app and make the viewers frustrated with lagging and bugging of an app. Thus the iOS developer needs to decide the resolution according to the capacity of an app. 


While concluding this, it is observed that there are some issues that need to be solved while developing iOS applications. Even minor mistakes can ruin the application, so it is advisable to avoid mistakes and provide high-quality features that will be preferred by the user and can satisfy their needs. If you want to develop an app, then you can hire iPhone application development companies who can develop an iOS application according to your needs.

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