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5 Things To Know Before Shifting Your Career Into Care Jobs

Shifting careers for professional growth and passion is one of the best decisions a working adult can make. It gives you the time and life skills to create meaningful experiences. On top of having a job you enjoy, there are opportunities to earn more and live life on your terms. 

Being in a care job is one way to achieve your career and life goals. If you have a heart that’s always ready to help those in need, this may be your most fulfilling achievement. Yet before taking a major shift, you must know essential things to set realistic expectations and the benefits that await you. 

  1. Supportive Work Communities 

Shifting into care jobs means joining a different type of work community. Because your mission is to help people in need, you can expect that the environment will be more positive. Although challenges and conflicts are inevitable, the support given will be enough to conquer them. 

Most care job agencies offer careers with a heart. They equip the caregivers with all the necessary skills to provide efficient and personalized care for each client in every setting. Expect a group of people who can guide you through your journey, especially as a first-timer in this job type. 

  1. Various Care Job Options 

The care industry is a diverse community with various job options. Because it provides help for people of different ages, conditions, and respective environments, there are specific roles they need to fill. Some of the best care job choices are the following: 

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  • Home Care 

A home care job is one of the most flexible job options. Its primary purpose is to look out for people in need within a community and be their assistant in doing everyday errands. As a domiciliary home care assistant, you don’t have to always stay with your client. Instead, you’re only guiding them to get back on their feet and be independent again. 

  • Care Home 

Working in a care home means helping in taking care of several residents. Depending on their needs and requirements, it can be a full-time or part-time job. A career in a retirement home is perfect for those who are nurturing, patient, and friendly among seniors. 

  • Live-In Care 

Live-in care is a full-time home care job. You’ll stay in the client’s home for a designated period to help them live a comfortable life. You can help a senior, a person with special needs, or someone recovering from sickness by providing personal care, including hygiene and preparing meals. Plus, you may also support them during trips and social events. 

  • Office Jobs 

If you’re looking for a corporate job that focuses on helping people, office care jobs may work for you. You can help with organizing and keeping records of employees and clients. You can also be a manager in a care company depending on your qualifications. 

  1. Open For Flexible Schedules 

Different types of care jobs provide different schedules to fit your lifestyle. You can apply for a part-time, full-time, or seasonal care job depending on your preference and the availability of job positions. 

For career shifters, looking for a part-time or seasonal care job is a significant step. This job experience can provide enough time to adjust to your new work environment. You can start with providing home care within your community or working part-time in a retirement home. 

Meanwhile, full-time work is available for those who would love to devote their time to providing care services. Once you’ve fully adjusted to this new career, you may choose to commit to longer hours. Still, some agencies offer flexible options suitable for you. 

  1. Room For Career Growth 

The care industry offers numerous opportunities for career growth. Some agencies provide care jobs even for those who lack experience. They only require your passion, patience, and commitment to help those in need. 

Once you’re in the care industry, you can expect continuous professional development. You can start working as a home care assistant or a full-time caregiver in your preferred work setting. Most agencies never stop training and guiding their employees to continue giving the best care services to various communities. 

  1. Excellent Benefits 

Providing genuine and efficient care for people is one of the noblest professions one can pursue. Although care jobs set high expectations for caregivers, the benefits are more than enough to reciprocate their sincerity and commitment.  

  • Paid Training 

Care agencies can provide paid training for career shifters and old employees. Going through comprehensive training is excellent for professional and personal growth. Even if you’ve already been in the care industry for years, there’s still much more to learn. 

  • Welcome Bonuses 

Most care companies offer welcome bonuses for their new employees. Your commitment and dedication mean a lot to the agency and the clients. They make you feel valued by welcoming you with a financial bonus to start your career. 

  • Competitive Salary 

The average salary for caregivers in the United Kingdom is GBP£11.50 per hour and USD$14.99 per hour in the United States. Your salary increases as you advance in your career. Moreover, gaining more experience and undergoing career professional development training can help you earn more. 


Shifting into care jobs has no age limit or required experience. It’s one of the most personally and professionally fulfilling jobs for those who live a life dedicated to helping others. The care industry is an environment of kindness, love, and continuous growth.

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