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5 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Vinyl Banners

If you made yourself a vinyl banner just because it's the trend, you need to have a rethink. The main aim of using the banner in the first place was to get more visibility and, as a result, increase sales. Furthermore, business owners report a 10% increase in sales after they added or updated a sign.

However, you must intentionally add things that will attract your target by sighting your business banner or sign. In this post, we'll share 5 tips on using vinyl banners to increase sales. Also, we check out if you need custom vinyl banners or related services.

5 Tips to increase your sales with vinyl banners

  1. Make your business visible

Sometimes, a customer may recommend your business to a friend who can't locate your business center. No matter how cheap or effective your products are if your customers can't find them, it's no use. 

So, place your banners strategically where people can easily spot them. Also, mounting your banners in busy urban areas can make people see them more often. You don’t want to feel the frustration of losing sales due to a lack of visibility. 

  1. Advertise special offers

People have a high affinity for free things. So, promoting special offers, promos, discounts, and the likes can boost sales by a huge percentage. However, this will be less useful if only a few people know about it.

Advertise your promo sales on vinyl banners where customers, first-timers, and residents can easily see them. This can help you build customer loyalty and a strong customer base. Furthermore, others will choose you when they think of how much they’d be saving if they bought from you.

  1. Outdoor banners are a must.

We're not saying you shouldn't get indoor banners but consider some things first. The people who will be seeing your indoor banners are already in the store and are aware of your products and services. These could be of help if you were advertising discounts or promos. But to grow your customer base, you’ll want your banners to go where you’ll catch new customers. 

  1. Banner placement matters

You want your banners to be seen by people, especially your target customers. As such, mounting your banners just about anywhere won’t be the best practice. When scouting locations to place your banner, three things should come to mind:

  1. Places your target customers will likely be going.
  2. High-traffic meet points.
  3. Densely populated shopping areas.

Knowing these locations will require some psychology homework on your part, though. For example, if you sell automobile spare parts, places you should target for your banner are environments with car washes, fuel stations, and automobile/mechanic workshops.

  1. Use eye-catching visuals

The human eye is naturally drawn to things that look different from the regular. You must design your vinyl banners to appeal to the eyes. First, choose a color that doesn't blend into the environment. Furthermore, use high-quality pictures to communicate your message better. 

You could use the picture of a tasty-looking plate of noodles or pasta if you run an eatery or a restaurant. The mere sight of food on the banner first catches the eye before the viewer goes ahead to read other things you may have added.

  1. Use models if you can afford them

If you could afford to get a popular model in your area to appear on your banner, you’d be surprised at the rewards. Public figures are another means of drawing attention to your banners. You, for instance, will hardly ignore a banner that carries the face of your favorite musician.

If you can afford to pay public figures, a high-quality image of your friend can do the job. Say you sell T-shirts; for instance, you can have your friend pose with one of the T-shirts on to give you some edge. Furthermore, it gives your targets an idea of what they’ll find at your store.


Appearance and placement are the first things you should consider when considering a vinyl banner. You'll want them to stand out in the background and be placed where your target audience will easily find them. 

With this two done the right way, you’ll be able to drive more sales to your doorsteps. Also, you can take it a step further by placing advertisements and promos on the banners. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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