Home Home Improvement 6 Concrete Refinishing DIY Ideas for Your Home in Houston

6 Concrete Refinishing DIY Ideas for Your Home in Houston

6 Concrete Refinishing DIY Ideas for Your Home in Houston

Homes nowadays are busy. Stay at home businesses, and jobs got us wanting to upgrade our spaces. A new rule brought by the new normal scheme today: turn your home into a comfortable space where you love being productive. One way to achieve this is with decorative concrete floors. 

Wiser homeowners rely on adding up DIY projects to their skill-set. A partner in turning a productive space are experts and designers. Pioneers of flooring manufacturers deliver quality materials in the industry, especially those found in Texas. Read more facts and creative tips on concrete refinishing Houston. 

At home, the floors, least notice by most, are the ones been very busy. Before, you merely see when cracks or discoloration or pitting appear on the surface. Now, flaws on the floors got your attention. This prompts you to have professionals guide you to find the right concrete refinishing for your home

Are you now planning how to enhance the old slabs in your property? Have the experts swing their ropes down to help you, whenever you are in the city or county. Do you know that refinishing a concrete patio, driveway stamping, or resurfacing garage floors can be easy? Yes, no need to go far from your abode. 

The Web is connected to trusted master artisans. Here we compiled easy DIY home ideas for refinishing your concrete floors. 

1- From the Outside: DIY Concrete Patios

Let us begin looking at the spaces outside. It is essential that you give attention to what people first see at your homes: the patio. A simple, easy, fast, and affordable DIY approach is acid-washing the floors. 

Improving the look of a concrete patio provides you a cozy outdoor. It is a spot that entices creativity from you. You can be productive here. Learn some gardening, start planting, and turn it into a profit. 

To create a stunning front porch, acid-base staining will give you a marble-like floor. This DIY approach makes you feel like an expert. Having the effect of acid washing the surface creates a flawless, polished surface. It looks like a professional handle it. 

Tips for you when doing acid-staining yourself: 

  • Correctly prepare the surfaces- here is where everything falls into place. Preparation.
  • Acid-based products should be recommended by experts. Though we are talking about DIY, you must consult a professional when choosing the staining material.
  • Prepare the materials:
  • Wet mop to prepare the floor.
  • Brush
  • Gloves (Make sure you wear gloves. You are dealing with acid. Keep safe.)
  • Sponge with handle
  • Acid mixture (Consult a professional for amount concentration you need)
  • You can have a choice to use a sealer or not. An exposed stained concrete looks classic and adaptive to the natural setting. 

This is what makes staining a great option. You can have control of using the treatment. It takes time and practice, though, to perfect this method. But if you’re committed to enhancing your DIY prowess, this is perfect for you. 

2- Stencils and Stamps

Here is a fun and exciting way to refinish a concrete. Have you used a stencil? How about a stamped overlay? Stamping is a flooring technique that produces professional quality. 

They use unique methods and equipment too. But you can replicate this in your own spaces. You can create your own stencils. It is better because you have your own design, signature styles, and personal taste. 

As you refinish the floor with a new thin concrete layer, you can incorporate the stencil patterns. Or, outdoor stamps that look chic and fab for your backyard. There are techniques to create your decorative stamping stone, like the one made from a plastic lid, featured by diycandy.com. 

3- Sealed or Exposed Kitchen Floors

Like what we mentioned above, you can choose if a stained flooring needs sealer or none. The same with areas at home with high -functionality. It could be a practical choice to finish your concrete kitchen floor without a topcoat

Sealers can provide a glossy surface at the same time, a protective layer. The sealer prevents heavy objects from scratching the floors.

On the other hand, you can do without a primer and leave the surface exposed. An unfinished look of a grey pavement gives a natural vibe. It is easy for you too. You can refinish your kitchen floor by reversing its look back to its natural pigment. 

4- Grinding or Polishing For Hardworking Floors

The fun side of DIY refinishing projects for floors is using some “dad” tools. What you can do to give a new face to your floors is simply polish it, especially concrete. A grinder tool can refinish your time-worn surfaces into a new looking floor.

Polished and seamless floors are now accessible. What you need here are specialized tools. If you don’t have your own, there are renting services where you can get it. Or just call your uncle or brother; they probably have those. 

5- Water-Base Staining for Bld, Vibrant Indoor & Outdoor Floors

A very user-friendly floor refinishing method is through the water-based staining. Since you will only use water as the pigment’s carrier, the process will be safer and more comfortable. This one is perfect for DIY lovers. 

A water-based concrete finish allows you to control the pigments. This time, the use of a primer or sealer as a topcoat is recommended. This idea is perfect for turning a bold, chic, and fashionable workspace at home. 

If you want to go for nature or oceanic inspired theme, water-based stains produce deep blue. It becomes an aquatic, translucent azure tone. Its one color scheme that you need to try. It is gaining popularity now. 

6- Epoxy Refinishes Strong

An absolute upgrade to your residential spaces is fortifying the top layer of the floors. Know as a one-day install flooring technique the epoxy got your floors covered. With a resinous component, the surface layer will toughen. It will also improve traction. 

This flooring idea is perfect for revamping your garages into a showroom. Another is the basement. You can custom print design and have it adorn the dull basement. Now you have a dynamic, interactive space in your property. 

The 3D epoxy flooring method can be your next DIY favorite. Have you seen galaxy-themed rooms? Have starry constellations not only outlined on the walls, but you can have it covered the floors too. Get experiential with the designs. Your ideas will be endless. 

Do it now…

For more final touches, here are some simple reminders. Successful DIY’s happens with many tries. Let your ideas breathe life. Careful preparation, like consulting experts, can save you from long term mistakes. Lastly, DIY does not have to break your banks. Use simple, reusable, and accessible materials your homes can provide!