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7 Effective Ways To Deal With Anxiety When You're Sober

Anxiety is a medical disorder. It is a state of excess worrying that triggers the fast rate or increases the heart rate and increases blood pressure.

Everybody has one thing or the other to worry about, and indulging in excessive worry is no good for your mental health. Anxiety can be caused by many reasons, from fear and worry, to higher stress level, nervousness, uneasiness, hyper-activeness, results of quitting an activity, side effects of medications.

Cause and effects play a vital game in dealing with anxiety. Below are the 7 effective ways to deal with anxiety when you're sober. Meanwhile, if you think you need rehab for addiction, check out Boynton beach addiction centers.


Understanding what manifests your anxiety is the first step to dealing with it. Know what triggers your anxiety and find ways to manage them. Avoid in all ways, anything that may cause or trigger your anxiety.

The triggers could be pain, side effects of drugs or medications, trauma, depression, withdrawal, and so on. You can't possibly deal with all these alone, your best bet is seeking medical help.

Seek Professional Assistance

Therapy is a great way to overcome your anxiety. This will ensure you learn about ways to react to triggers and likely situations. Therapy can also be used to control how you think. This will make sure your mind is being channeled with more positive thoughts than negativity.

Control your Thoughts

Write down your thought pattern. How you feel before an anxiety attack. Negative thoughts always precede a panic attack, make sure what you think is not too damning.

Yeah, we can't always resist the urge to think about bad situations and conditions alike but make no mistake to dwell in an aura of negativity.

You may think you don't have what it takes to overcome substance addiction, nay, you have all the power to control your intake and usage of a substance.


Yoga quells stress. Take a walk in a scenic or natural environment, say a park or flower garden whenever you feel the anxiety set in.

Meditation can be used to train your brain not to always be receptive or be a stimulant to anxious thoughts. It will also help you fight stress level which is mostly a greater factor influencing anxiety attack.

Face Your Fears

As daunting as this may be, this is one of the best things to do to avoid anxiety disorder. Fear is majorly one of the factors that influence anxiety apart from stress. Find someone you can talk to about your fear. Ask for their advice on how to tackle such fear. Do not give in to your fear to grow and consume you. Fight it!

Practice Controlled Breathing

When you are stressed, anxious about something, or you doubting you can remain sober for long. Expel the thoughts through coordinated deep breaths. This will dislodge your mind from thinking it is under a physical attack, which is the danger of stress or being anxious precipitate. With the help of a full deep breathe, you will be able to slow down and control your heart metabolism, the rate at which it beat, and calm down all your nervous system.

Healthy Living

Keep a mental and physical healthy living. What we consume surely have effects on us. So be mindful of what you eat, drink, read, view, or think about. The overall general well being of your mind and physical health should be your top priority.

Exercise daily or routinely say every two to three days. Exercise will help increase your tolerance and help in reducing your stress level, how you react when in confusion, and so on.

Eat a well-balanced diet, sleep well, ensure you are properly fit mentally and physically, always.

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