7 tips for recruiting top talent


While hiring talented workers for your business can unsurprisingly be tough, it could soon be at least a little easier. That’s because, even despite fears of a recession, 40% of workers are intent on quitting their jobs, according to an Entrepreneur article.    

Many of these workers could make particularly promising candidates for positions you are looking to fill. So, how can you make your business an attractive employment destination?

Look out for underpriced talent 

Whenever the economic picture looks uncertain, you can expect many companies to begin laying off employees. However, you could reach out to these discarded workers and invite them to join your team. 

These employees will likely be so grateful for the opportunity that they opt to stay loyal to your company for the long haul.

Recruit from unjustly overlooked groups 

Some genuinely skilled workers can sadly miss out on jobs simply due to being… well, female or disabled. This might initially sound extraordinary in our supposedly meritocratic age — but, unfortunately, studies have borne out this undeserved lack of appreciation.

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So, make sure you aren’t succumbing to any kind of unconscious bias that is preventing you from hiring truly talented workers who just happen to be female or disabled.

Offer attractive incentives 

Whether these incentives would be must-haves or nice-to-haves for the specific employees you are targeting, you could find yourself more easily landing the right staff as a result.

A guest contributor to The Startup Magazine posits the example that “a new and innovative startup might want to give full tuition reimbursement for courses related to STEM fields.” 

Of course, you could also throw in some benefits of more mainstream appeal, like company life insurance.

Turn to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) 

The global RPO market is set to grow at a yearly rate of 18.5% between now and 2027, says All New Business

RPO providers can partly or fully manage a company’s recruitment responsibilities — such as sourcing and screening candidates and onboarding and training new employees. Therefore, by approaching one of these providers, you can broaden the pool of candidates to which you have access.

Peruse social media 

LinkedIn is one good example of a social media platform with a high number of potential candidates, making it easier to find just the right one for a given job. Social media recruitment enables you to initiate contact with candidates in a relatively personal fashion.

Be specific in the job descriptions 

When you are competing with many other companies for an elite group of jobseekers, you must be clear about what exactly it is you offer that many other firms might not.

You should not only detail the role’s duties and responsibilities and the required qualifications but also provide an insight into your company’s culture and values.

Be willing to conduct video interviews 

This would have many benefits. For example, you could interview a larger number of candidates, enable candidates to save on travel costs and more easily hold interviews at times that are convenient for both the interviewer and the interviewee.