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A Basket of Gifts: 15 Present Ideas For Photographers, Marketers & Designers


It is always time to buy gifts for someone special in your time. Unfortunately, you can be stuck if your special one is a photographer, marketer or designer. This can turn out to be the most daunting task ever. You think again and again. Anyway, nothing comes to your mind. It seems like your husband or wife, friend or sister has everything. As a result, you can be lost in thought for a great number of days. Forget about such a situation. I have decided to do your heavy lifting instead of you. In this article, I compiled a list that consists of 15 gifts ideas for photographers, marketers, and designers. Let me mention them very quickly…


Melissa Photography WordPress Themes

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A black-and-white theme that allows winning the competition among other photographers. It really stands out from other WordPress themes for web-design. You are free to speak about studio and rewards, showcase your portfolio, and present relevant blog posts.

WorldMap Travel Photo Blog WordPress Theme

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This vibrant theme will be a perfect variant for those who keep on traveling. The package has everything one may need to reach out to your audience. There are four blog layouts, Cherry Plugins, mega-menu, and other important options.


Do you have a limited budget but want your friend to get an excellent gift? Get familiar with this huge amount of creative bundles. Cut your time and make sure to pay your attention to multiple fonts, illustrations, and other graphics presented on the website.

Social Media Templates


Each of us wants to make a maximum impact on his or her audience. These effective social media templates allow improving posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Expand the horizons of your creativity using them.


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This constantly-growing collection of patterns will make it possible to create various eye-catching backgrounds for online-projects. Each of them can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.


Animated Banners

Banners are a proven way to draw extra attention to a specific company, services, and products. These engaging animated banners provide people with the most effective way of promotion. Diverse special offers and content will certainly stand out from the competition thanks to them.

Landing Page Templates

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These powerful combinations of the visually-attractive design and up-to-date functionality can promote each company at its best. They also include a set of extra features that will make each online-presentation even better.

Corporate Identity

It is important to determine the style and concept of each company. When one needs to achieve this task, he or she can turn to these thrilling corporate identity templates. Thanks to them, every business will turn out to have an exclusive corporate design.


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By means of these professionally-looking illustrations, everyone can strengthen the position of the brand. Thanks to them, people are able to create the desired atmosphere and invite more visitors.

Infographic Elements

Infographics gain more and more popularity. For this reason, it would be a great idea to compliment someone with such well-organized infographic elements. They will easily allow people to understand even the huge amounts of information without any problems.


Gold Foil Textures

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These gold foil textures allow adding depth to all designs and giving importance to certain sections of the website. All designers who consider themselves to be luxury-lovers and owners of a good taste should pay their attention to them.

Unicorn Clipart

There are so many purposes where designers can use this magical unicorn clipart. As an example, they can always come up with mischievous stickers, backgrounds, advertisements, and greeting cards.

PSD Templates

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I am happy to present this rich collection of PSD templates. All of them have unique designs that will turn out to be a great match for next online-projects. One is not limited by some requirements. Users can edit them as their soul wants and make certain everyone will be impressed.


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There will be no artistic project that will not catch the attention if one decided to take advantage of these creative fonts. The textual content will distinguish itself thanks to an abundance of characters that are already waiting for you.

UI Elements

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Among these effective UI kits, you will find some beneficial gifts. In my opinion, designers will find them a set of social media packs and wireframe kits extremely useful.

There is no need to think a lot about gifts for your friends who have something to do with design, photography, and marketing. After checking these ideas, everything will become easier. They guarantee to impress your special people and provide them with helpful presents. Thanks for reading!

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