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A Complete Guide to Making Soap

Soap is a part of hygiene routine requirements that helps in removing dirt and sweat while giving a refreshing feel. While there are a plethora of options for buying ready-made soap from the market, making soap at home with soap making supplies can be a cost-effective method.

Process of Making Soap

  1. Cold Process: The internal heat generated during saponification is used in the cold process. The hardening of the soap requires 4-6 weeks time.
  2. Hot Process: This process requires heat where it accelerates towards the process of saponification. The bars require 1 week for hardening.


Here is a list of Soap Making Supplies required for making soap:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Essentials Oil
  • Distilled water
  • 4.78 oz. 100 percent pure lye
  • Flowers or herbs
  • Perfumes or colorants

Guide to making Soap

  • Put on safety gear such as gloves, goggles, face masks, and long sleeve shirts and pants as well as close-toed shoes for complete protection. Start measuring soap-making supplies, i.e., measure 20 oz. coconut oil, 9 oz. distilled water and 10 oz. olive oil.
  • Reduce the heat to low in the slow cooker and add the coconut oil slowly. Simultaneously, prepare the lye solution while the coconut oil melts. Add the lyre solution to the war slowly and do not do its opposite since it can be dangerous.
  • Thoroughly mix the solution after adding the lye with a spatula.
  • Remove it from the stove and set aside the solution for 15-20 minutes for cooling down.
  • Examine the oils and add the olive oil once the coconut oil has completely melted. Stir everything together thoroughly.
  • Put the immersion blender beside the slow cooker once the oils have achieved 120 to 130°F (49 to 54°C). Pour the lye slowly to minimize splashing. Slowly stir in the ingredients.
  • Reduce the speed of the blender to low. Circular motions are used to stir the mixture. To avoid air bubbles, keep the blender submerged.
  • Stir and combine for another 10 to 15 minutes, or until the soap reaches a trace. When the oils and lye solution have combined and resembled pudding, the process is complete.
  • Cook for 50 minutes on low in a covered slow cooker. If the mixture bubbles, carefully whisk it.
  • Turn the slow cooker off. Allow cooling until the temperature reaches 180°F (82°C). If used, add essential oils and colorants. Mix thoroughly.

After the soap has been prepared pour it into a mold of any choice and allow it to sit for nearly 24 hours before removing it carefully from the mold. Use a knife or a soap cutter to cut these soaps into bars and pop them out. The soap is prepared for use, however; it is usually recommended to wait for another week for the soap to dry out completely before using it. This time period also allows the soap to harden.


The soap-making procedure is basic while having the ingredients and preparing it following all the steps. Anyone can make organic soap and add herbs or flowers or even perfumes to enhance its fragrance. The process is enjoyable and can be mastered with time.

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Syandita Malakar
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