A Simple Guide on Choosing the Best Designer Dog Collars for Your Pet


When you browse through an online dog store's collar selections or walk into a pet shop, you're likely to get confused by the diverse options available.

Dog collars are vital accessories for your dog, seeing as they're required for training and identification purposes. More so, it directly or indirectly showcases your taste and personality as a dog parent. 

Presently, there are various dog collar types ranging from standard to designer collars. These designer collars are made from diverse materials.

From premium leather dog collars to those made with nylon, these collars come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. 

You can even have a custom-made collar. For example, if your dog enjoys night walks, you can buy a lighted collar that illuminates your pet at night.


Unfortunately, several dog parents make mistakes when buying collars for their pets because they don't know how to pick the right size or which collar is best for their pet. 

This simple guide to buying designer dog collars will help you make an informed choice. You can also check designer dog collars of all kinds to narrow down your option.

Things to Consider When Picking a Dog Collar

The following are things to consider when buying designer dog collars for your dog. 


Most pet owners often assume that any collar that freely enters a dog's neck is the right fit. However, this assertion is untrue.

Collar size is vital because purchasing a loose-fitting one might result in it falling off every time. 

In contrast, a tight-fitting collar could be pretty uncomfortable for your dog, inflicting constant irritation and pain. 

The best way to know your dog's perfect collar size is to measure it's neck circumference when fully grown. Consider adding some additional collar length to make sure it won't be too tight. 

Bigger dogs weighing about 80 pounds and above will need at least three inches in their collar, medium-sized dogs with 11 to 79 pounds weight will require two inches more space on their collar, while small dogs of about ten pounds will be okay with a one-inch collar allowance. 


Your dog's breed is one crucial factor to consider when picking a designer dog collar. Different dog breeds come in various fur types and sizes. 

Having the perfect collar will ensure they don't endure fur loss and discomfort around the neck region. Breed-specific collars are often adjustable to ensure the puppy has space for growth into adulthood. 

More so, different dog breeds have diverse temperaments and tendencies so consider these when buying a collar.


The best dog collars are made with diverse materials that come with different qualities. When picking a collar for your dog, ensure you understand the implication of the material used in the manufacturing process. 

The collar's durability, comfort, and aesthetics depend on the material used. When it comes to materials, nylon webbing collars are the most popular. 

The material is non-irritating, lightweight, and durable. And the best part? It's inexpensive. 

Standard nylon collars irritate a dog's neck when your furry friend has short fur and the neckband is too tight. It'd be best to opt for comfort nylon webbing collars to avert this problem thanks to their flexibility, weave, and improved texture.

Types of Dog Collars

  1. Personalized Collar

Most fashionable dog parents prefer personalized dog collars with name because it makes their identification easier. The dog's name can be engraved on a small sheet of a gold alloy, a thin piece of metal, such as copper, or on the collar itself. 

Some designers produce collars with detachable rhinestone letters indicating the dog's name. That way, you can effortlessly transfer the rhinestone name to other collars. 

Some designers have also created dog collars with charms and new age symbols believed to protect your pet like a talisman. 


  1. Martingale Dog Collar

Also called Greyhound collars or limited-slip collars, Martingale is used to deter dogs from slipping out of their collars while on a leash. 

Although the collars tighten when you tug the leash, there's a stopping mechanism that prevents complete closure on the dog's neck. 

This collar is available in various designs and colors. More so, it's manufactured with nylon or other similar materials.

Martingale collars are suited for sighthounds; however, you can also use them on other dog breeds.

  1. Head Collars

Otherwise called shelters, head collars are like muzzles but serve a different purpose. They act more like harnesses for your dog's head and are intended to help you train your furry friend to heel and walk on a leash.

When used correctly, head collars can successfully deter pulling and support other training. 

Head halter shouldn't be left on dogs on a long or an unattended dog, as they might back out of the head collar.

  1. Standard or Flat Collars

This type of dog collar is flat and therefore less dangerous to your dog's trachea. Most standard or flat collars use a buckle, so it doesn't slip. 

It's also available in leather or nylon across all pet accessories shops, including Bitch New York. 

Consider taking your dog to the pet store for proper sizing if your pet is well-behaved.

  1. LED Collars

Lightable collars or LED dog collars are perfect for walking your dog at night or early in the morning when it's still dark.

These collars provide flashing or solid lights and reflective materials so that pedestrians and cars will see your dog clearly when you go out on a walk. 

Many standard nylon dog collars have reflective safety strips. Alternatively, you can also get attachable reflectors or lights that will fit other collars.

Final Thoughts

With all the hype surrounding designer dog collars, one thing to remember when shopping for one is that your dog's comfort is unnegotiable.

The ideal collar isn't too loose on the neck or too tight to the point of choking your pet.

Always ensure the difference between the collar and your dog's neck is approximately two fingers wide. Don't forget that the goal is to buy a collar that fits well.

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