All Ways to Reduce Size of MP4 Videos


World's exceptional mechanical video tool to compress MP4, AVI, MKV, or the alternative video report. Default superior picks cut back the video length to an hour of the preliminary. Alter picks to compress even more!

How to Compress a Video?

1. Click the "Choose Files" button to select out your videos.

2. Click on the "Compress Now!" button to start compression.

3. as soon as the status amendment to "Done," Click on the "Download" button.

Which Encoder Is best for press Video?

We use 2 fashionable video encryption methods that region unit supported via means of state-of-the-art gadgets and browsers: H.264 and H.265. Out of these 2 encryption methods, H.265 yields better compression, especially at better resolutions like 1080p or 4k.

Advanced methods of Video Compression

There region unit 2 most essential methods to compress a video. You will be capable of both optimize the bitrate or length of the video to a smaller size. We provide 4 settings related to every method. Here's accomplice diploma explanation:

 1. By Video Quality

CRF (Constant Rate Factor): CRF approach attempts to live a persevering with perceived video high-satisfactory. To do that, it makes use of exclusive compression stages on upscale frames. For the H264 Encoder, ability CRF values range from 0 to fifty one. Higher values suggest many compressions (decreased report length), and decreased values indicate better high-satisfactory (but considerable report length). The default is ready at twenty-three.

Preset: Presets refer back to the video compression speed. Deciding on slower predetermined lets better optimization (decrease bitrate/report length) for a given video high-satisfactory level. If you prefer to decrease report length over encryption time, choose a slower predetermined.

2. as a percentage of the preliminary Size (Default)

This approach lets you line a goal report length to your video as a percentage of the preliminary size. For instance, if you set it to an hour for a 1 GB report, we will determine to construct your compressed report length 600Mb or more minor. 

The specialists of this approach region unit will be capable of conveying domestic bacon at a particular goal length. The pull away is you don't acumen the goal length could have an impact on video high-satisfactory. To overcome this:

  1. Start with a sincere length (as a percentage of the original).
  2. Test for video high-satisfactory.
  3. Increase the goal length in case you want better high-satisfactory.

This is the default video compression approach used.

3. Set grievous physical damage Bitrate

This approach lets you line the grievous physical damage bitrate for a given video high-satisfactory. The same old is ready via way of means of CRF (consistent charge factor). Pick out this approach in case you're victimizing the video in streaming software anywhere. You want to control the streaming statistics degree charge. To settle in this feature, pick out "By grievous physical damage Bitrate" from the "Video Compress" dropdown.

For a whole lot of info: experiment video bitrate management

 4: construct Video Size Smaller (Re-Size)

Choosing a smaller video resolution (dimensions) can also keep report length. For instance, if you were given a 4K (4320p) video, but your goal tool is 1080p, you will be capable of downsizing the footage to a healthy 1080p and keeping report length. To settle in this feature, choose "Re-length video" from "Advanced Settings" better.

 How to play compressed video?

Codecs we will be inclined to apply for compression region unit supported via means of all main browsers and gadgets. So you have to have any playback problems now no longer. If any issues, try hole the video with the loose VLC player (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile variations available). Allowed report sorts are: VOB, WMV, mpg, MOV, XviD, rm, m4v, m1v, Flv, DivX, mp4, 3gpp, Mkv, Avi, mpg, Rmvb, DVR-ms, WMV, f4p, 3gp, 3g2, ogv, SWF, m2ts, qt, mpg, mts, WebM, f4v, asf