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All you need to know about documentation for postpaid connection

In today’s fast paced world, mobile phones have become a necessity in everyday life. Everyone has a mobile phone, which they use for a multitude of activities, ranging from calling loved ones, playing games through smartphones, managing personal businesses, making payments and even more.

Just like the mobile phone, the SIM card has become essential too. A mobile phone cannot run without a SIM card, since it allows you to make calls and access mobile internet. There are two types of connections available for SIM cards – prepaid and postpaid.

In India, getting a Postpaid connection for seamless integration into the mobile network is very easy. However, it is important that you have all the right documents to show for it. Whether you are an Indian citizen or not, the following guide will help you understand the entire process and you will be able to get a new postpaid connection from your preferred mobile operator in no time!

As an Indian citizen, how can I get a new postpaid connection?

  • If you have an Aadhaar card, then take it to your preferred telecom operator’s store.
  • Although you can carry a soft copy of your Aadhaar, carrying the hard copy is better, since it helps with the documentation and KYC verification processes.
  • The 12-digit number on your Aadhaar will be recorded at the store and you will be handed a postpaid SIM card with the plan that you wish to purchase.
  • The new SIM card will be activated immediately, or within a span of 48 hours.

Can I get a new postpaid connection even without an Aadhaar card?

If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, these are some of the documents that will enable to you to get a new postpaid plan enabled SIM card:

  • Address proof along with its photocopies (documents will include electricity bill, rent agreement, or bank passbook)
  • Identity proof issued by the Government, such as driving license, passport, or voter ID card
  • 2 passport sized photographs

Note: TRAI, the telecom regulatory authority of India, has stated that the following documents - Aadhaar, voter ID card, driving license and passport can be used as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address, for any new connection.

As a foreign national, how can I get a new SIM card with postpaid plan?

For foreign nationals who are visiting India for some time, the process to get a new SIM card is slightly different. Foreigners do not have Aadhaar cards issued to themselves, so it is essential that you carry a different set of documents which helps you to get the postpaid SIM card with a prepaid plan of your choice without any hassle.

These are some of the documents that you must carry along for a smooth documentation process:

  • Your passport, along with a photocopy of the same
  • Photocopy of the visa that has been issued to you
  • Passport size photographs – a single photograph should usually work, but some Indian states ask up to 4 photographs, so it is better to be on the safer side
  • Details of a local person whom you know and who can vouch for you, ideally a friend or a relative
  • Proof of your local address, such as electricity bill or rent agreement

For a postpaid connection, a representative of the telecom operator may even visit your local address to ensure all your details are verified and accounted for. In case you are an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholder, you should also carry that card as well as a photocopy when you are visiting the local operator’s store. Although, the process of getting a SIM card for foreigners is relatively simple, it is advised that you take an Indian national with you while you get yourself a new postpaid SIM card.

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Syandita Malakar
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