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Alternative Career Options for People with Teaching Degrees

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A teaching degree can be the perfect starting point for a lot of careers. In this article we will take a look at some of the careers you can pursue with a teaching degree other than teaching.

For those among us who are interested in forming a career which they can do from anywhere in the world and work with various types of people while covering a wide array of subjects, teaching can be the ultimate career for these people.

You will also very quickly realize that once you have your teaching degree down, a lot of alternative career opportunities open up that are not directly related to teaching itself. It is not at all uncommon for people to be involved in teaching for the first few years of their career and then to branch out. In cases such as this, many of these people end up in careers that a lot of us would not expect to be able to get with just a teaching degree.

It is of crucial importance to look for the potential for variety in a career if that is what is appealing to you. This is especially true because students can quite easily tell if their teacher would rather be doing something else completely. In this article, we will take a look at some of the possible careers you can take up with a teaching degree. These are careers that do not immediately come to the forefront of the mind when we think about jobs that people with teaching degrees can apply for and would be good in.

Before I start describing my suggestions, I would highly recommend you to visit Suzanne Klein’s website to get a much more detailed overview of career options for individuals with teaching degrees.


1. Educational Liaison

There are both nonprofits and for-profit organizations that exist with the sole purpose of recruiting teachers, training them and also to teach them to think about their curricula in a more creative way. If we take EL Education for example (formerly Expeditionary Learning), this was borne out of a collaboration between Outward Bound USA and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. EL has been able to create a curricula that is open source, covers ages and subjects and then strives to assist teachers in order to be able run classrooms that are vibrant. There are also other organizations that are engaged in recruiting and training teachers so that they can work with students who are vulnerable. If you are the kind of person who will enjoy this behind the scenes job within the education system, then you should immediately research organizations near you that do this particular job. It can be an extremely rewarding feeling. The feeling of knowing that you are making a considerable difference in the education system.


2. Corporate Learning and Development Programs

Very often, teachers who think they are in need of a change find that a role that is similar but in a completely different context can be just the thing that they were looking for. For this particular cohort, the way to go may be with opportunities with corporations. There are a lot of companies who are in particular need of people who can create training programs that can help to standardize and to also develop skills of the employees. These companies need teachers to run these programs and to also tweak and evaluate them as well. When you are applying for such positions, you will find that a teaching degree and some experience with teaching are both extremely valuable assets to have at your disposal.


3. Museum Educator

Whenever you spend some time in a museum, you will quickly realize that it does not matter what size the museum is of, you will very likely see special programs which are designed to take the visitors of the museum deeper into what they have to offer and to also properly explain the context behind the exhibitions. Most museums do offer guided tours, field trip programs, special activities during the weekends and off-days, events that coincide with major anniversaries with historical significance and a whole lot more. You will no doubt be aware that a lot of work needs to be done in order to properly design these programs. Certified teachers are equipped with the perfect set of skills required to pull off these tasks. Teachers possess a lot of the skills that are required in order to successfully implement these programs. Teachers are used to delving deep into a subject in order to develop proper understanding of the subject matter and to nurture an interest. They will then be able to find creative ways in which to instill the interest that they have into others. So, this can be the perfect change of context that many teachers look for.

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