Best Materials for Designing Your Bathroom


We ask a lot of bathrooms – we expect them to be durable, long-lasting but still stylish and luxurious. These rooms need to withstand varying conditions as well, putting up with the steam and humidity of baths and showers, with water everywhere. Because of this, it’s important that the materials we choose when designing a bathroom – here are some tips on how to choose the right material for each area of the room.

Acrylic Shower Panels

For the ultimate in durability and affordability, taking a wet room approach to your bathroom could be the way to go and acrylic is the ideal material. By opting for an acrylic sheet instead of tiles in your bathroom, you can create a room that’s resistant to water and steam as well as being much easier to keep clean and hygienic. Acrylic is easy to cut to any size or shape, can be installed quickly and easily, and it can be purchased in a wide variety of colours to suit any bathroom décor. Wet rooms are great for creating a modern and contemporary feel as well as creating a more efficient and manageable space.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl sheet flooring has had a bad reputation over the years but that’s changed more recently as homeowners have embraced the luxury vinyl tile which look like wooden planks for areas of their home. The bathroom is an ideal place for vinyl tile as the material is waterproof and it’s warmer on the feet than tiles. There are plenty of styles, colours and patterns to choose from, plus it can be installed easily as the pieces lock together for quick installation.


Quartz Countertops

Bathroom counters are worth investing in as they need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Inexpensive particle board covered with laminates might be tempting as a way of cutting costs but they’re prone to swelling issues when faced with moisture, plus they can easily burn when hot appliances like hair styling tools are placed on them. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are incredibly durable and come in a wide variety of patterns and colours. They are the perfect area of a bathroom to invest a bit more money in as they will more than pay for themselves in terms of longevity and they’ll give your bathroom a luxurious and elegant feel.

MDF Cabinets Cheap vanities and bathroom cabinets can quickly bring the look of a bathroom down, plus they don’t last very long and begin to deteriorate in humid environments. While it might seem like an area where you can get away with spending a bit less, you’ll end up having to replace the cabinets in the bathroom within a year or two, so it makes sense to invest a bit more up front for something that will last. High quality MDF cabinets will resist warping better than solid wood and furniture-grade plywood is also a great option that provides a long-lasting product without having to break the bank.

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