Best Trading App in India for 2022


Due to the increasing number of investment enthusiasts and the launch of some most awaited IPOs, 2022 is seeing a surge of new traders and investors. The trend of trading via smartphones is gaining even more traction in 2022 due to the user-friendly and seamless trading features offered by some of the broking firms.

Important Advantages of Using an Advanced-Featured Trading App in India

The benefits of using an advanced featured trading app are numerous, and we've listed a few of them below:

  • Placing Orders gets a lot simpler and quicker
  • Real-time updates on the stock market come handy while making informed decisions
  • You'll get timely notifications

Consider These Factors Before Choosing the Best Trading App

To know which app suits your trading requirements best, you should choose a trading app based on detailed research on the offered features of the app. This makes your trading experience

  • Hassle-Free
  • Error-Free
  • Profitable

Choose the best trading app in Indiain consideration of the following factors -

  1. An easy-to-use user interface
  2. Reliability of the Broking Firm
  3. Advanced Technical Features
  4. Suitable Fees and Charges

In this article, we have compiled a list of the finest online stock trading apps in India to make your trading experience

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Convenient

Take a look at them because each trading app in India has its own set of functions.

  • Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha, India's most popular stockbroker, offers Kite as its premier trading platform. Zerodha created the Kite platform's website and mobile trading app in-house.

Features of Zerodha Kite App

  • The graphs have over 100 indicators
  • Market analysis in real-time
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Integrated Trading Widgets Console
  • Upstox PRO

Upstox PRO is one of the best apps for opening a Demat account because of its added features. It now has an online version and is widely recognized as an advanced trading app in India.

Features of Upstox PRO

  • This universal search tool may be used to find both simple and complex stocks
  • Charts have -
    • Range of Intervals
    • different Types
    • Advanced Drawing Styles
  • More than 100 technical indicators in real-time
  • You can trade directly from the charts using the Trade from Charts (TFC) function
  • Create as many price Notifications as you want for real-time information
  • Angel One: Stocks, Demat & IPO App

Within 15 minutes, you can open a DEMAT account by following five simple steps on Angel One’s advanced Smartphone App. According to many expert traders, their trading app has value-added features.

Features of Angel One: Stocks, Demat & IPO App

  • Buying and Selling options that are Simple to Use
  • There are more than 40 technical Chart Indicators
  • Accessible Margin Accounts
  • Beginners and Bulk traders will benefit from investing in current or upcoming IPOs in India
  • Choice’s Jiffy App

Choice's Jiffy Trading App is an online stock trading application designed to make stock trading more accessible to all sorts of traders. Jiffy Trading App is created by skilled traders for a wide range of investors.

Features of Choice India’s Jiffy App

  • Customizable preferences that can be changed in real-time
  • Simple UI
  • Hassle-free UI
  • Smart Lookup
  • Market Insights in Extensive Detail
  • Sharekhan Trading App

Sharekhan's mobile trading app includes all of the industry's most popular trading features, such as advanced charting, measurement tools, and watchlists. While the app contains a number of simple and advanced functions.

Features of Sharekhan Trading App

  • The option to invest in mutual funds
  • Quick Money Transfers
  • Improved UI
  • Extra Security Features
  • Kotak Stock Traders App

The Kotak Stock Trader App is a famous trading app developed by Kotak Securities Limited, a well-known financial services firm. The mobile trading app is available for iOS and Android platforms and has useful features.

Features of Kotak Stock Traders App

  • Make a watchlist to keep track of the moves of specific stocks
  • Transfer money quickly and easily from your bank account to your trading account and vice versa
  • Access to money availability and margin balance without interruption
  • There are various layers of protection
  • While watching the market broadcast live, get real-time quotes
  • HDFC Securities App

This is a simple smartphone app that maintains a high level of speed. The app has been updated to be significantly more user-friendly by HDFC Securities.

Features of HDFC Kotak Securities App

  • Accessible Technical Indicators
  • Use your fingerprint to log in with more security
  • Intraday charts are available in a range of time frames, from one minute to a month
  • Many watch lists can be customized to provide real-time price updates.
  • Gold is available for purchase
  • Line graphs, bar graphs, candlesticks, and other styles are used to represent price actions.

Some of the best trading apps in India for 2022 are listed above for careful insights. You get a slew of features, as well as ease of use when you choose the most suitable trading app in India. So pick the finest trading app from the list above and succeed in your investment voyage!

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