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Bond Cleaning Tips Suggested By Professional Cleaners

Leaving your rented home is a very tedious process. You have a lot to do before your lease expires, including preparing household items for the move and prepping the home for the last inspection. It is worthwhile to arrange for end-of-tenancy cleaning in advance so that you may return the home to the landlord in immaculate condition. It will assist you in receiving your entire bond amount back following the last inspection. It's always a good idea to clean a rented home in accordance with the recommended checklist to please even the pickiest landlord or real estate professional.

Bond cleaning tips

Go through the paperwork

You should familiarise yourself with your lease's requirements and inspection reports. Make a list of everything that needs further attention, cleaning, or repair after going through it methodically. Consider what constitutes reasonable wear and tear while attempting to have nothing new on your end of the lease inspection report. It's best to inform your landlord of any damage or general wear and tear as soon as you notice it.

Arrange necessary tools and materials

You will require a few essential cleaning supplies, like a powerful vacuum, upholstery shampoo, cleaning solutions, spray bottles, towels and rags, feather dusters, brooms, wipers, and so on. It is better to use green cleaning products to remove stains, grease, mold, and mildew rather than harmful or chemical-based cleaning chemicals. You can clean with mild detergents like castile soap, baking soda, magic eraser, rubbing alcohol, etc. It is better to gather all these before you begin the cleaning process. Bond cleaning requires a lot of heavy-duty tools and equipment which can be expensive to purchase. It is better to hire a professional bond cleaning service to do the cleaning for you.

Steam clean carpets

There is always a little residue left behind after using a cleaning product to clean up dirt and grime from floor coverings. No matter how thoroughly you maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, grime and dust particles constantly remain even after cleaning. Because of this, steam cleaning is essential to get rid of stains and soil. In essence, a steam cleaner employs a vapour of hot water to help you remove dirt, grime, and other debris completely.

Use cornstarch to clean glass windows

To make a window cleaning solution, mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with a half-cup of white vinegar and a cup of warm water. Spray this solution onto your window glass and clean it to make it spotless. Natural cleaners like cornstarch can do wonders for eliminating dirt and leaving surfaces shiny without streaks. Bad odours, oil stains, mildew, and mould can all be removed with it.

Clean from top to bottom

To avoid having to sweep a surface more than once, a room should always be cleaned from top to bottom. Beginning with the ceiling fan, move downwards toward the light fixtures, picture frames, windows, blinds, doors, carpet, and hard flooring. If you start cleaning from the floor, you will have to clean it again after you clean the ceiling. To get the desired benefits, you need to consistently clean your room.

Use a Magic Eraser

Although commercial cleaning products are wonderful, they are made with dangerous chemicals. Using a magic eraser is the simplest approach to get rid of difficult stains from hard surfaces. It is a cleaning sponge made from melamine foam that makes getting rid of oil and stains easier. All you have to do is rub the eraser on the affected area to clean up the stains and leave the surface spotless.

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