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Can custom hotel management software help deliver exceptional guest experiences?

Any good hotel should provide guests with "a home away from home". Successful hotels have a list of "must-dos" that includes offering personalized comfort and a range of experiences. Customized services for individual guest is not at all a new idea; in the past, the hotel staff would make notes about their frequent customers so they could provide them with special services on their next visit. But how can one provide customization and truly know about guests' lifestyles? How can I understand their tastes and preferences? These days, it is so crucial to gather this information that failing to do so means your business will inevitably become outdated. How quickly and precisely a hotel can adjust its service to the client's wants is what makes it such a crucial notion for the modern hospitality industry.

Millennials acknowledge that 83% would allow businesses to track their information and behavior if it meant receiving a more individualized service, according to American Express Travel. Beyond that, all players in the hospitality industry must now advance to the next level - the technological level - to provide a customized guest experience. The assumption and expectation of personalization are thus clear from this. The next step for businesses is to come up with innovative ways to both gather and use the data.

The only way is to put the guest first-everytime!

Being customer-centric is the core of the hospitality industry. Hotels can adopt tools like hotel software or customer relationship management software (CRM) as part of a global strategy to manage customer interaction at all levels. The workflow process is aided by these tools, which also improve productivity, guest management, and many other areas.

How a custom hospitality management software and CRM ensure a personalized guest experience

For the hotel industry, custom hotel management software possesses benefits far beyond cost and caliber. Making quick decisions, resolving issues right away, and keeping a positive attitude when dealing with the customer is also important. To surpass client expectations by raising the aesthetic value of its offerings, the industry needs hospitality management software for a personalized guest experience.

Let’s see some appreciable advantages:

All data in a single system

The custom CRM or hotel management software will store all the necessary data and is frequently updated to reflect changes.

Organizations can successfully address customer complaints once they have this data at their disposal.

Increased productivity

Custom hotel management software can replace and automate boring and repetitive tasks giving staff liberty to interact with the guests directly. It will also give the hotel staff knowledge of the guest preferences thanks to mobile access, which helps them make decisions and increase productivity.

Client Retention

Due to a lack of a personal connection with the business, they deal with, about 69 percent of customers have switched to competitors. With customized hotel technology as a potent tool, hotels can now rely on its analytics to deliver what the customer wants, in the manner they desire, and at the time when they require it. As Rob Yanker of McKinsey and Company very aptly puts it, "Winning back a lost customer can cost up to 50-100 times as much as keeping the current one satisfied."


Good custom hospitality management software and CRM software from top-tier custom providers can help businesses tailor their services to customers' needs. In addition to value for money, many visitors favor using exclusive services which is very feasible with a custom solution.

Better guest experience

CRM and custom hospitality management software should not be viewed as a business strategy but rather as a way of working for an overall improved guest experience.

These tools help hotels offer enhanced guest experience with:

  • The ability to offer the right room at the right price based on the needs of the guest is made possible by revenue management features.
  • Additionally, a customized software's analytical reporting will offer useful insights on a variety of topics, including customer demographics, time-frame comparisons, purchasing trends, and more.
  • In-demand services like contactless check-in/check-out, digital keys, and others will be possible for you to offer with the help of customized hotel management tools.
  • Organizations can identify the right customer at the right time with the aid of easier scanning of Machine-Accepted Leads (MAL).

Word of Advice

There are a few things that hotels should know about before investing in a custom hotel management solution software.

  • A custom hotel management software must be compatible with the existing systems you use, whether it is for automating hotel operations, providing a contactless guest experience, or streamlining housekeeping operations.
  • Instead of trying to do it on your own, hire a custom hotel management software provider, as their experience will give your software some uplifting advantages.
  • There should be thorough documentation of a good work plan for using the software. Additionally, in order for acceptance to shift in its favor, all employees must be informed of the new changes.
  • Delivering an exceptional guest experience is quite different from just talking about it. The vision of having happy guests driving your hotel business can become a reality with the right technology. Select a custom hotel management software provider that will pay attention to your needs and meet them.

How Companies Can Provide Personalized Services With custom hospitality management software and CRM solutions

  • The use of hospitality management software across all departments of the property can help them deliver pleased and happy customers.
  • Effective use of revenue management features allows hotels to offer the right room at the right price based on a customer’s needs.
  • A comprehensive system's insightful analytical reporting offers keen insight into your guests, including snapshots of their demographics, a multi-phased analysis, a comparison of time periods, buying patterns, and much more.
  • Hotels can analyze the customer journey from the evaluation stage through the purchase cycle, post-sale, and renewal with the aid of well-equipped custom CRM software.
  • With specialized hotel management software tools available, it is simpler to keep customers engaged over time, which raises customer satisfaction.

Integrating a custom hotel management software will allow your internal employees to easily and quickly resolve larger issues. It will assist you in providing the appropriate information in the appropriate context and at the right time.

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Syandita Malakar
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