Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Can you rely on the online reviews?

Online reviews play a major role in the expansion of businesses available over net. Many of us depend on the reviews blindly and avail services without knowing the consequences we might pay. Being a seller, you might think that those great reviews about your product and services on the major ecommerce sites will make you sell more. But the fact is that with time people, crazy about online shopping and services have understood that they cannot rely on everything they see over net. The following four truths about online reviews will change your conception about this popular tool of internet marketing.

#Truth 1. Customers can sue you for your fake reviews:

yes, this is true. Reviews are considered as a vital part of ecommerce websites. It influences the sell on the site. Every entrepreneur try to get more potential customers at the end of the day at any cost and hence, utilizes the review as a tool to get more crowds. Maximum sellers depend on paid reviews to boost the sell but some strict ecommerce sites still exist, which sue the sellers on the verification of paid reviews. It can ban your account on such sites if you get caught red handed.

#Truth 2. Reviews based on materialistic affair:

To make more money from the product reviews, the sellers hire people, who would review the products in a highly impressive way. It will influence the potential buyers to buy that product and end up increasing the sell on your account. When a visitor goes through the reviews, does not try to find out the authenticity behind the identity of the reviewers listed below the products. But the sellers are unaware of the fact that disclosing the identity of the reviewer is against the FTC guidelines and if they understand the fake existence of the reviewers you might get suspended online or can face further losses.

#Truth 3: Ghost write can go against your business:

Though reviews play a powerful role to bring more customers on the ecommerce platforms but it might go against the sight too. Extreme good reviews from people do not lend the sense of trust to the original customers. A large number of ghost written positive reviews might damage the impression of a website and cut down the traffic. So, you must check that you haven’t made a ton of ghost reviews to prove the potential of your products.

#Truth 4. Sabotaging the competitors over review:

Many business owners have tried to sabotage the competitors by posting a lot of negative reviews. This idea might sound great to shift the customers from their sites but can take a wrong turn too. Posting fake, negative reviews can put you in to trouble if you are caught by the FTC, You can be penalized for this action or can pay much bitter consequences leading you to the end of your business at last.

How can you protect yourself?

As you have invested a lot of money to establish a successful ecommerce, you should know that such problems might cross your path. If you want to protect yourself from such situation having an experienced lawyer in hand is a must. You should hire a lawyer, who has enough knowledge about the online marketing regulations, standard ecommerce laws, FTC / FDA guidelines etc. You should focus on avoiding the legal troubles to maintain a clean image in the market in order to improve your business.

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