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Choose Only Updated Practice Tests from a Wide Array of Options to Learn Relevant Content for Microsoft AZ-304 Exam

Today, with the technological era at its dominance, the IT professionals must keep up with the recent technology updates to stay relevant. The constant change in the world comes with the possibility to adapt and be a part of it. Microsoft has been the name that is on the top of the list among those companies that decided to embrace the change and evolve according to it. The vendor introduced a platform for the IT experts to hone their skills and get certified in those skills, creating new pathways in their careers.


With the notion of data becoming digital, the need for a service that would store it online arose, and the exams that cover the Microsoft Azure platform were introduced to the audience. One of the tests that covers this sector is Microsoft AZ-304. This exam grants you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge if you pass it along with AZ-303 or AZ-300. So, let’s look at the other details that you need to know before applying for the AZ-304 certification test.


Microsoft AZ-304 exam and its features

The IT experts applying for taking this test must have proficiency in designing and implementing solutions running on Microsoft Azure. It also includes various aspects, such as computing, storage, networking, and security.The topics that are covered in the exam have the following percentage of the whole content:


Before going for the Microsoft AZ-304 exam, you should know that you will be given 60 multiple-choice questions and 150 minutes to clear them. The test is available in the English language only and you will need to pay $165 for the voucher.

Microsoft AZ-304 exam and its requirements

Please note that those candidates who want to pass MicrosoftAZ-304 must have hands-on knowledge and advanced experience in certain IT operations.They include identity, business continuity, networking, virtualization, security, data platform, budgeting, disaster recovery, and governance.


These roles must also work on the management of decisions and how they affect the big picture solution. In addition, the applicants attempting this test must have the expert-level skills in the domains covered in it and have some experience with thedevelopment of DevOps and Azure.



The Azure solutions architects are responsible for translating the business requirements into scalable and secure Cloud solutions, as well as consulting the stakeholders Thus, you need to have thorough preparation before the Microsoft AZ-304 exam.There is a wide array of prep options available on the Internet. Many platforms offer practice tests for the Azure platform exams, so you can easily combine them with the official courses and other materials for your ideal preparation.Practice tests help the learners know their abilities and then improve them, so they will be ideal for any learning style an individual may have.Therefore, allocate the time you need, study on the days you can, and use as many resources as you want to get all the required knowledge and skills.

Picture Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/-2gtZUo7DUI

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Syandita Malakar
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