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Clever Ways To Boost The Approval Chances Of Your Guest Post Requests

Guest posting provides a lot of benefits for any budding website. Besides helping your site rank in Google or other search engines, it will also allow you to grow your audience, build a solid relationship with the thought leaders of your niche, and offer plenty of value to the audience who have never heard about you before. 

But guest posting is not exactly an easy job. You need to know all the right strategies to get accepted by a host site. You must also know how to formulate the right content to ensure approval. 

Here are the proper steps to devise the most compelling guest post and request the host site to let you submit content. 

#1: Write A List Of Blogs You Plan To Guest Post In

You need to know where you want to submit a guest post before you begin reaching out to the host blog moderator. Most of the time, the blog sites you can guest post on must have the same audience as your blog. If you intend to grow your blog, you must start talking to your target audience to make them want to keep coming back for more. 

It will also help to make yourself known by the blogs that you plan to write content for. You need to establish a regular interaction with that blog, so when you start submitting, they will recognize you as someone who constantly comments or connects with their site. 

#2: Check Out Their Blog And Writing Style

Before you begin writing your guest post submission content, you need to evaluate the site’s blog and writing styles. By reading through several pages of the site, you will know the tone used in the site. It will also let you know the kind of titles that they use in the content. 

You must carefully study how the blog host formats their content. Check out if their posts intend to teach a specific lesson or if they prefer to discuss a broader topic. By browsing through the entire site, you will notice the particular outline they use for all the content. Guest post marketplaces usually use this particular strategy before they write the content. The experts from take their time to check out their partner sites to ensure that their work matches the site’s content. 

#3: Come Up With 2-4 Titles With A Brief Summary For Your Content Proposal

Blog hosts often have hectic lifestyles. So it is crucial to make it easy for them to understand your proposal by submitting your ideal titles and what it will discuss. It will help them decide on your proposal as soon as possible. 

Make sure that the content that you will submit for guest posting is highly irresistible. You must present ideas that the blog host would love to post on their site. It must be something that could add value to their site. If you did not include your title and topic proposal, it would prolong your correspondence with the blog host. It will put you at risk of losing their interest since it will take up a huge chunk of their time.  

Creating guest post submissions requires you to exert a lot of effort. But if you managed to follow these tips properly, you will increase your chances of getting approved by the blog host. It will let them consider your proposal and request to have your content published on their site. You can use it to create a link back to your site to increase your audience. It will permit you to reap the rewards of guest posting and boost your blog growth in the long run. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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