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Creative Children's Entertainment Ideas That Will Surprise Your Kids

If you are looking for creative ways to entertain your children this holiday season, you might be interested to know that there are many options. Below is a list of ideas that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment and excitement for your little ones.

Planning on hosting family games night this season? Maybe a game or two will be suitable, but try adding some new twists to these great kids' entertainment ideas. Your kids would never guess what the setup might entail!

  • Rice Shooters - Take a jar full of uncooked rice and cover it with dry ice so that it pops into tiny pieces as the lid is opened. Put holes in the lid, and your kids will love this one!
  • Finger Paint - Kids love getting messy with paint, so why not get handy with them and add a bit of a twist? Tint the finger paint, add food colouring to regular washable paint, and roll in glitter or crushed candy canes. This is great for making holiday cards for Grandma and Grandpa!
  • Eyeball Piñata - Kids love piñatas, and what better time to take advantage of this hobby than Halloween? Find a round container (you could use cardboard), make eyes out of construction paper, and then fill it with candies. Kids will love ripping open the container to get their fill.
  • Paper Plate & String - This one is great for the kids that have forgotten how to hold scissors. Cut out strips of paper, tape them together and fill them with strips of string for a simple add-on to any craft project (make sure you have your child's safety glasses on).
  • Super Soakers - If you want to add some more entertainment, then try filling up your sink with hot water and adding in some bottles of your favourite bubble solution. Then fill up some colourful plastic cups and let your kids play for hours.
  • Paper Towel Gun - Make your kid feel like a real-life superhero when he shoots his paper towel at the wall above the floor.
  • Cardboard Boxes - Kids always want to play outside, but it is so easy to make them happy with this easy recycling idea. Fill these containers from head to toe with balls, candy canes, or other items that make great indoor toys.
  • Lego - Simply take your child's old building blocks that you no longer need, form them back into their original shapes and add some cool varnishes to make them shinier. You can also try this with your children!

Kids love art, so why not get creative with the holiday? It does not have to be expensive or complicated. An afternoon of painting or drawing will have them jumping for joy!

  • Candy Canes - Kids love all things sparkly, and this is one great way to do it. Wrap candy cane sticks around a paintbrush or pencil and lets them get creative with their own creations for hours of fun.
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  • Gold Foil - Wrap a sheet of gold foil around the edges of coloured paper and have your child glue the strips onto a piece of construction paper for a great art project.
  • Homemade Wrapping Paper - Kids love getting presents, so why not make some for them? Cut out their favourite photos from magazines and cover them with pretty wrapping paper. These are sure to get you some extra hugs!
  • Mini Canvas Paintings - Looking for an easy way to entertain your kids? Try adding different colour circles onto construction paper pieces and letting them go wild.


This was just a short list of extremely simple kids' entertainment ideas that could be done relatively quickly. They will provide hours upon hours of fun for you and your kids. If you are looking for more simple and inexpensive ways to entertain your kids this holiday season, then try checking out these entertaining ideas for kids.

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