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Determining the Right Private Investigator For Your Business

Corporate investigation has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. With the increased criminal and fraud activities in most companies, entrepreneurs are now hiring detective agencies. However, choosing the right investigator can be daunting, and it’s critical to know the right qualities to look out for.

Is a private investigator necessary in your company?

Corporate investigation services are essential for all types of businesses. And these include small companies, startups ad grand enterprises. What is corporate investigation all about? The process involves the collection of internal information and provides a detailed report and other feasible evidence. 

The investigators gather accurate information for clients, which helps them safeguard business rights and property. With the use of the latest equipment and tools, investigators help entrepreneurs to formulate effective business plans.

 Examples of services offered by private investigators are;

  • Employee verification
  • Asset investigations
  • Business intelligence
  • Theft investigation
  • Risk analysis
  • Verification of bank accounts& Insurance
  • Examining financial assets
  • Employment screening

Other sought after services are background checks. These are useful for entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business. They are helpful in fleshing out lucrative business opportunities in specific locations. Surveillance is commonly used by most business to unearth fraud, bribery and other crimes in an organization.  

As a business owner, you can also use a private investigator to gain access to inaccessible sites. With such a database search, the investigator can conduct a background check on an individual to determine any criminal record. With the extensive range of services, business owners find it easier to manage their tasks and ensure a stress-free working environment.

How can you choose a private investigator for business?

There are various qualities to consider when hiring a corporate investigator for your enterprise. You require an experienced professional, but trustworthiness and reliability are also of utmost importance. The task also involves a lot of expertise, and there are various aspects to consider when hiring. These include;

1. Experience& Expertise

An investigator with years of experience is likely to have handled various assignments and will offer excellent results. They know how to go about the process and employ different tech devices to get the job done.

 What’s more? An experienced investigator saves a lot of time to accomplish the task, saving a lot of money. Besides, some professionals charge on an hourly basis. It’s then critical to hire someone with years of experience to monitor your business and get detailed data and findings.

2. Certifications& Skills

The right corporate investigator must possess all the necessary certificates as proof of their skills. There are so many scams nowadays, and it’s easy to hire someone impersonating as a corporate detective. To be on the safe side, request copies of all the certificates including the institutions attended. This way, you can be sure that the chosen professional has the necessary skills, and from a reputable institution.

3. Licensing& Insurance

All corporate investigators are licensed to operate under certain states. Hiring one without a license can land you in a lot of trouble. Their findings aren’t deemed credible and aren’t recognized by detective agencies and investigation bodies. 

Also, engaging such a person will cost you a lot of money, and you still won’t get the right information. To avoid this, only hire an investigator with proper certifications. Also, ensure that they have insurance and license from the state licensing board.

4. Agency affiliation

Some corporate investigators work solo while others operate under corporate investigation firms. Determine this before hiring, and get all the necessary details before signing the contract. It’s also advisable to hire a detective from an agency. 

Corporate investigation agencies have a vast team of professionals and assign the most suitable person for your case. Also, agencies handle multiple cases daily, and you expect to get better deals from an investigation agency than when dealing with an individual. And the best bit? These agencies conduct thorough screening before hiring investigators, and you can be sure to get top-notch expertise from corporate investigation agencies.

5. Past assignments

Seek to see examples of accomplished tasks like videos, statements and investigation strategies employed by the investigator. The quality of written reports, photos and videos can significantly determine their expertise in the field.

 The end products should also be professional and well organized. Your issue may end up in court, and you want a detective who can provide quality reports and evidence.

6. References

Experience investigators have worked for other clients in the past. Does the investigator have references that you can contact? If possible, get a list from the detective and contact a few to determine the services offered.

7. Possession of modern equipment

The best investigator uses state-of-the-art equipment to allow the right investigation techniques. Some are complicated while others are common, but are useful anyway. These include;

 GPS trackers- Investigators, can mount GPS trackers on vehicles to monitor their movements. This is useful when an employer suspects misuse of company assets by employees.

Spyware: Some experts use spyware to record or monitor computers, smartphones and many other devices.

Device cloning: Cloning preserves all your valuable data. You can later delete it and still retain a copy in your hard drive.

Cameras: Cameras are useful for capturing photos. You can also use video cameras to record activities and sue them as evidence.

8. Investigation fees

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And this is particularly true for corporate investigators. A very low price may indicate that the detective lacks adequate skills and experience, or isn’t reputed in their state of operation. 

Also, cheap services may come with other hidden costs, and you need to be keen on this. Nevertheless, compare the price between different investigation agencies, and choose what matches your budget. The rule of thumb- don’t compromise on quality to save some cash.


Nowadays, most corporations hire private detectives, and many firms offer corporate investigation services. Hire professionals, and compare different investigation agencies. Choose one with years of experience and ensure that they have the necessary licenses and certifications.

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