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Discuss Few Types of Laptop Keyboards

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes and are frequently categorized as either mechanical or membrane. The main difference is the keys and the mechanism that lets you type. Mechanical keyboards have individually mounted mechanical switches, while membrane keyboards have moving letters and numbers that are enclosed in a membrane and used by pushing or swiping the keyboard to type. Because the keys and mechanism are internal, the membrane keyboard does not require much effort to type on.

However, because the keyboard keys cannot be reassigned to different letters, there is no easy way to type with touch gestures, like tapping on letters to form words. However, membrane keyboards are popular and tend to be more durable and have more vibrant colors. Let's take a look at the five main types of laptop keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is better known for its mechanical switches and tactile typing. Unlike mechanical switches found on regular keyboards, the switches on a mechanical keyboard have to be actuated every time you press a key. This is called click actuation. Mechanical keys for keyboards are widely popular for its loud sound. You can also get different kinds of mechanical keyboard switches that give a tactile or acoustic response.

There are pros and cons to each switch type, such as added durability and feedback, but overall, they provide a more accurate typing experience than membrane keyboards. A mechanical keyboard will set you back quite a bit. However, you can customize a mechanical keyboard by swapping in different switches.

Electronic Keyboard

Electronic keyboards have a bit of a different setup than mechanical keyboards. They have individual keyboard keys and their mechanisms are built in, rather than mounted on top. Electronic keyboards may not have the distinct sound of mechanical keyboards, but they do have the benefit of having a more accurate typing experience and the potential for additional key actions, like functions, macros, and programs.

If you are looking for a portable keyboard, and don't want to lug around a separate wireless keyboard, you can opt for an integrated electronic keyboard. Although electronic keyboards can be purchased without a trackpad, they typically come with a large trackpad, to enable easy navigation.

Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

The Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard has a slightly different feel than most mechanical keyboards. A full asus keyboard keys in any form factor works best when you're doing heavy typing. The Cherry MX mechanical key switches are durable, robust switches that provide a fast, accurate typing experience.

The Cherry MX switches feel better than the other switches when it comes to key travel, but they're also a little less precise than a membrane keyboard, so they require more force to hit the right keystroke.

Astrobee Mechanical Keyboard

Astrobee is a solid option for those who prefer a more durable keyboard and would rather spend a little more for one with a full key set. The key switches on the Astrobee Mechanical Keyboard have a pronounced tactile bump that provides feedback while typing.

Mechanical keys provide a more reliable typing experience than plastic keys, but the switches can be uncomfortable to type on if you're used to membrane keyboards. Another downside of Astrobee is the compact size, making it difficult to work on the go.

Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech is an experienced keyboard company, and their K400 Wireless Keyboard looks solid with its aluminum build and durable rubber keys. Logitech has a reputation for making quality mechanical keyboards, and the K400 Wireless keyboard is no exception.

It's also helpful to know how to replace a key if necessary. There are some laptop keys replacement methods available that include keys, but most laptop replacement keyboards have individual keys. If you are a careful person, you can avoid having to buy a new keyboard altogether. Replacement laptop keys can be purchased from many laptop manufacturers or online.


Whatever type of keyboard you choose, there's a keyboard for you. The perfect keyboard depends on the type of work you're doing, what size laptop you have, and what features you want on a keyboard.

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