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Do I Need to Hire a Web Designer?

Practically every business worth working with has a website. A website is an essential element in your marketing strategy. Your website sets the tone for your brand and provides the gateway to your products and services. You cannot leave it to chance – or, worse, neglect it altogether. Faced with these facts, many entrepreneurs and small business owners panic. They think, “I must hire a professional web designer to create my site”. But before you start rushing out to find one, is it really important? Do you need a professional to design a good-looking, functional website? Or can you do it yourself?

Here we look at the reasons why a web designer may not actually be your best choice. From paid vs free website hosting to the advantages of holding onto the ‘creative reins’ throughout the process, read more about whether or not you need a web designer for your site, below.

Cost is a Huge Consideration

For many business owners and entrepreneurs starting up, cost is a significant factor in any purchasing decision. Budgeting for a new business is a full time job in and of itself, and everyone must be done according to the rules of economy. You are using a website to build your business and therefore need it to be cost effective from the start. A high quality web designer charges a rate that reflects their time, experience, and technical ability.

Do you have thousands of dollars to spend on a website right now? Many people decide to skip the design element when starting the site, and perhaps spend on a designer when the website has begun to generate significant income and needs more capability. 

Have You Hired the Right Designer?

There are many factors to consider when hiring a website designer. And there are thousands – if not millions – of web designers globally. Just check out how many websites there are in the world (and counting). Many of the designers of these sites are extremely competent and creative. Many are not. How do you choose between all these options? It can be hard to know if you are spending your money on the right designer for your project. You also need to ensure you hire someone you can work effectively with. A web designer that turns in quality work on time, to your brief, and someone who knows what you are looking for. This is the holy grail or web design, and it is naturally not simple to find.

What About Web Hosting?

Way back in the past, the only way you could confidently manage your site on the internet was with the help of a professional. Now the reality is much simpler. Free hosting is available with most website creation packages. Web hosting is the service that allows your site to be seen on the internet. Naturally, it is essential. It should also be of a high quality, and a website hosting provider should guarantee security and compliance with international standards, plus uptime reliability. You’ll also be able to focus on your design much more effectively when you know the hosting will happen automatically when you have published your website.

Web Designer Availability

You may be looking for a designer in the wrong places. The best designers are either employed full time at agencies and large companies, or they are booked solid until the end of the year. You may not get a look in, leaving you to choose between lesser individuals.

Time Savings and Efficiency

It takes a lot of effort to track down your perfect designer. Effort that would be better spent on building your business and not vetting people to see if they can design to your standards. Your time could be spent on setting up a simple site that is ready and able to bring business to your door.

Your Strategy as a Whole

You are best-placed to know how your website fits in with your overall digital marketing strategy. And by working on your website you become more familiar with your products, your brand, and your sense of purpose. When outsourcing your website you risk losing sight of the valuable bigger picture, and you may also miss subtle chances for your website to boost your presence.

Don’t I Need a Professional to Design My Site?

Did you know it takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to form an impression of your website? That’s taking snap judgements to a new level. But don’t panic. You don’t need a diploma in graphic design to create a website you’re proud of. Pretty much anyone can build something amazing, just by using the tools provided at website builder sites. Yes, a professional designer will bring their talent to the table. But the end result can be attractive even without this expert input. Gone are the days when web design was only accessible to the privileged few.

So, What’s the Alternative?

Hiring a designer for your website is not the only option. There are numerous cost-effective ways to produce a stunning website that meets your design and business needs. Choose a website builder and hosting platform that allows you to create a design with flexibility, with room for the functionality your business needs. There are templates you can use for free, or choose a premium theme for less than you would pay for a professional designer. Remember you have choices, and that it is simple to create a website that improves your online presence.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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