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The Repercussions for Your Organization if You Ignore Drug Tests for Your Staff

The cost of the negative impact associated with drug addiction among workers is estimated to exceed $80 billion annually. Yes, the reality can be often shocking! Because of the drug misuse of their staff, businesses have suffered significant financial losses.

It is crucial for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to conduct employee drug testing drug tests for a variety of reasons aside from lost profits. It’s important for prospective employees to pass a drug test before joining the team. Some companies may also choose to implement a regular drug testing policy, depending on their needs.

Small businesses now have the ability to proceed with a compliant drug testing policy with complete peace of mind, thanks to the availability of drug test kits. Employers might face severe repercussions if they choose not to conduct drug tests. Keep reading to find out more information.

Profits Are Lost

Why do businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to the drug use of their employees? When someone is under the influence of drugs, they are unable to concentrate or carry out duties effectively. As a result, their efficiency and output quality will both suffer. They may pose a threat to the safety of other company employees, customers, and the community as a whole.

A lot of companies enact a zero-tolerance drug policy. You have the ability to take the necessary actions in the event that an employee is discovered to be consuming an illegal hard substance such as meth or cocaine.

A worker should contribute to the team's success rather than decline the quality of their team's performance.

It is Obligatory for Your Business to Conduct Drug Testing if it Receives Federal Funding

Yes, if your small company is eligible for any kind of government financing, then you are required to maintain a drug-free workplace. This is spelled forth in the legislation known as the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act.

If you fail to conduct personnel screenings, you are not only risking your financing but also being subject to monetary fines.

Increased Liability Concerns are a Direct Result of Drug Use

When an employee is under the influence of illegal substances, it is possible that their behavior might affect the company in a negative way. People who use drugs often have impaired judgment and might behave in an unsafe manner as a result.

If someone were to have an injury while on company premises, it is possible that your small business would be at least partly responsible for the incident. As a result, your company runs the risk of being held accountable for monetary compensation or damages.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your business's chances of liability will rise if you have workers who are under the influence of drugs. Identifying employees who may pose a risk at your workplace and taking appropriate action is very simple, if you have an effective drug testing policy.

A Pre-Employment Screening for Drug Use

One option to take preventative measures is to provide a drug test to prospective employees before hiring them. Determining whether or not the potential employee is taking drugs before hiring them will save a lot of potential problems in the future.

Be aware that the job applicant may decide to abstain from consuming narcotics in order to pass the pre-employment drug screening. After the test has been completed, the individual can easily resume their normal level of use. This is one reason why testing employees on a regular basis is a good idea.

Drug Test Kits

An employee can be tested for drugs using different test formats. There are drug screening kits that use saliva as the sample. In order to conduct the test, a specimen of the worker's saliva is taken and then put in a device that is equipped to do the necessary analysis of the sample.

Tests that rely on saliva are simple to administer, accurate and may yield results in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity for detection is only five to forty-eight hours long, depending on the drug. These are most useful for determining whether or not someone is currently using drugs.

Urine drug testing kits are the most commonly used. They have a larger detection window and can identify usage over a longer period of time.

Where Can I Buy a Drug Test Kit?

We looked at a few outcomes that may arise from not drug testing staff members. Implementing a drug testing policy is a good business decision, which will provide savings in the long run.

DrugTestKitUSA provides drug testing kits and supplies tailored to your requirements. If you need a drug test before hiring new workers or a drug screening kit for employees who are already on the payroll, visit their website for a variety of drug tests. The best part is that ordering drug testing kits for your staff is relatively straightforward. Feel free to go through the wide variety of drug tests offered by DrugTestKitUSA.

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