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English camps in Canada for kids

If you plan to send your child to a language camp in the spring or summer, be sure to take a look at Canada - a calm and safe country with high living standards, excellent children's language programs, and fun and meaningful leisure time.

English camps in Canada for kids are very popular, as it is a country that is open to those who would later like to study and work there.

Do you want your child to have this opportunity in the future? Then studying English at a summer camp in Canada can be the first step on this successful path.

International students most often choose Englich camps in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

A language program and a trip to Canada is recommended to book in advance because obtaining a visa to Canada takes at least two months. The approximate cost of studying at kids camps in Canada starts from 800 Canadian dollars per week. Visa and air tickets are paid additionally.

How to choose the best English camp in Canada?

Spring and summer language programs can be organized on the basis of different educational institutions: schools, universities or language centers in Canada. The content of the program depends on the place of studying. The location of the camp in Canada will affect which languages are offered ​​for study and what entertainment and excursions are available.

Language camps in Canada popular with foreign students are: Bodwell High School, Bronte College, ILAC, MWS.

What is included in the cost of kids camps in Canada?

Educational institutions indicate the price per week or cost per shift. Usually, the price includes:

  • organization and registration fees
  • registration of a mandatory document of acceptance of responsibility for the child (Custodianship letter)
  • language program
  • accommodation and 3 meals a day
  • medical insurance
  • educational materials
  • cultural programs

Also, the children are engaged in excursion program adapted to their age, work on projects, creativity, various types of sports, clubs, which are so attractive to kids in Canada.

Canadian language camps for children are a real adventure for foreign students: new friends, amazing stories, acquaintance with a distant country and the opportunity to feel like an independent and responsible person.

Standard English course at English camps in Canada

The English language course includes 20 academic hours of classes per week in international groups. Classes are held from 9 am to 1 pm on weekdays. On the first day, a language test is held, according to the results of which the children are divided into study groups. It is possible to move to another group if the program participant finds it too easy or difficult for his teacher.

The professional teaching staff pays special attention to the balanced development of all language skills - grammar, speaking, listening and writing. All programs are focused on fully unleashing the potential of every foreign child and relieving him of the language barrier.

Children can expect tangible results in a short amount of time in a relaxed and inviting classroom environment. At the end of the course, each camp participant is issued an official certificate confirming the level of English proficiency.

One of the most popular language camps in Canada - Bodwell High School

Bodwell High School is a private boarding school, a great option for those looking to learn the language and get acquainted with Canada. The school has partnerships with three universities that host its summer programs on campuses.

Bodwell High School is accredited by the Ontario Department of Education. Organized jointly with the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), the University of Victoria (Victoria), Quest University (Whistler and Squamish), its language and academic programs take place in different parts of the British Columbia region.

On the basis of universities, children study English courses in small groups, combining grammar exercises with speaking practice, discussing social and scientific topics, games, projects and debates, and developing leadership skills.

Free time is devoted to excursions, scientific experiments and creativity, yoga and sports - football, tennis, canoeing, rock climbing.

The teachers are certified teachers of English as a foreign language. Together with the instructors, they encourage the children to speak English all the time.

Academic programs based at the University of British Columbia help children aged 13 to 17 who plan to enroll or study in Canadian schools to develop the necessary vocabulary and strengthen their knowledge of subjects. Children learn the requirements of the Canadian education system and get used to learning in a foreign language.

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