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Essential Golf Clubs Every Beginner Should Use

Golf clubs are the most important pieces of equipment you will use, so it is important to consider your skills and needs. That being said, you don't need to spend a lot of money on clubs as a beginner.

At golf tournaments, you are allowed to carry fourteen clubs, but when you are just starting out, this is too much to carry.

Even elite golfers can learn a lot by playing a half-game every now and then. If you are just starting to play golf, this is the perfect article for you to read about what to equip yourself with.

Types of Clubs are Essential to Play Golf

Every beginner who has stepped onto a golf course has wondered why experienced golfers carry a bag full of golf clubs with them.

The answer is quite simple: different golf clubs are used in different situations to get the best shot.

If you look at the different golf clubs available on the market, you will notice that the top 3 differences between them are the loft, the shaft, and the material.

Golf clubs can be incredibly expensive. Not only that, but there are over 40 different types of clubs to choose from.

Golfers can bring up to 14 clubs to the course, so the price of their equipment can rise quite quickly. It is not uncommon for novice players to feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities.

Read on to learn more about the essential clubs that every beginning golfer should use.


The driver is the longest and most powerful club in your arsenal. It will help you get your ball off the tee. The drivers are ideal for long holes with four or five pairs.

The newer models tend to be much lighter, but without losing power, so trying out some of the newer models can make a beginner's golf experience much more comfortable.

This is the club that most people love to stand up and hit on the driving range to test how far they can hit a ball, don't fall into that bad habit.

His driver is the club he will use on many tee shots and the key is to find the fairway.

Find a driver that you like, that feels good in your hands and that makes you feel safe. Get around with ease and find the short grass.


Irons are a versatile club that can get you out of a tight spot. They cut grass quite well, allowing you to get the ball inbounds and onto the green.

The more time you spend on a golf course, the more you will notice the different types of iron clubs out there.

Generally speaking, irons fall into three different categories: short, medium, and a long iron. The long iron is what beginners should focus on when they are still learning the strings.

The key to finding the best irons for beginners is to check their reviews online, as experienced golfers often list the pros and cons of every club on the market.

Beginners generally only need a 3 iron to get around the field, but more experienced players carry a 4 iron for some situational shots that require more precision.


Wedges are a must in your golf bag. Wedges were originally created for the sole purpose of launching the ball from a sand trap onto the green with minimal sway.

Today, there are several different wedges, including sand, gab, lob, and more. Beginners can be successful with just a traditional sand wedge.

Wedges are actually part of the iron family. However, its design is noticeably different.

They have the shortest shafts of all irons, the heaviest heads, and the tallest loft. They can be especially useful for hitting the ball up high and on the green.

These clubs aren't just for sand traps. They can also be used to reach short distances of 100 yards or less.


The final stroke you need always requires a delicate but precise touch, the kind of touch that no golf club can give you more than a putter.

This is the club you will count on the most since it is the one you need at the end of your game when the ball is almost in the hole.

The putter features a slim shaft and a slight loft to maximize your precision when it counts most.

However, beginners should spend some time practicing with the putter, as learning to put it is a bit difficult but very rewarding.


If you have read up to this point it is clear that you really want to get more into golf, this is fantastic.

When it comes to buying new clubs, follow the pro club tips to help you choose the right clubs or set for you.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a set that will take you to the next stage of your golf trip.

As you progress, you will begin to learn more about how clubs work and how they can be used to master a course.

Eventually, you will want to add more clubs to your bag. But until then, these seven will have you covered.

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