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How to choose the right golf club for you?


Using the right golf club is the key to your success in the game. It helps you overcome your obstacles. Picking the right golf club can be a bit complicated for players of any level. This article has been sorted out by a lot of research to inform you about what to look for while choosing the best golf club. And then you can stay in the best position in your game. So let’s find out how to pick a golf club for you.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club for You

It is essential to consider the level of experience and skill with your game while choosing the right club. If you do not select the club according to your level and swing mechanics, your club will not fit you. Now learn some essential aspects to avoid your risk and choose the right club.

Here are five things to keep in mind while choosing a golf club as a beginner. 

1.Take time to research and use your insights

There are many types of golf clubs on the market. Those clubs look so perfect that sometimes even experienced professional golfers get confused while buying clubs. It's better to choose a club after getting some ideas by researching clubs. 

Usually more or less everyone watches the game of their favorite players. You too may have watched your favorite player's play. So you might also want to use the same model club that your favorite player uses. Because you may think that the club of that model will help you score better in your game. But in most cases, this idea is wrong. So it is better to use your knowledge in choosing the right golf club.

Try out the features of clubs of the other brands, not just the clubs of your favorite players. Because as golf club technology improves, club manufacturers also use some techniques. They target well-known players while creating their club models. So choose the clubs that will help you score well according to your physical condition, gender, and body type. 

2. Length

The right golf club length will help you play better. The length of a club depends mostly on its shaft and on your height. The long tapered tube that connects your hands with the clubhead is called the shaft. Longer shafts are needed for taller players to play better. Nowadays, all long clubs have graphite shafts that are suitable to help you take the swing. You need to select the shaft according to your height.

If you want to determine the club’s exact length for you, you can follow the charts below.

HeightWrist to floorClub length
5’7” - 6’1”34” -  37”Standard length
5’2” - 5’7”29” -  34”½" shorter than standard
5’0”-5’2”27” -  29”Subtract 1″ from Standard Length

If you swing more than 100 mph speed, you need to choose a stiff or extra stiff shaft. And if it is between 85-100 mph, you have to pick regular flex shafts. When the shaft becomes too stiff, it slices the ball to the right. And when it is soft, your ball flies to the left. If so, your shaft flex is correct.

3. Grip Thickness

The improper thickness of the grip will not allow your hand to work correctly during the swing. If your grip is too thick, it will limit your hand. As a result, you will not be able to take the right swing and have a block or slice. But if your grip is too thin, it won't limit your hands. It will rather help you in large hand action while swinging. If you can hold the club by the middle part of your left hand, using the ring fingers and touching the pad slightly with the thumb, then your grip will be correct.

4. Loft

It is better to choose a higher face loft club while selecting the right club. The golf club’s loft is the angle between the club’s face and the ground that affects the distance. It controls the ball trajectory. This loft is different for each of your clubs (for the clubs you take in your golf bag). Traditionally, experienced golfers prefer lower loft drivers. However, you have to be very skilled to hit such drivers. Professional golfers also feel comfortable using higher lofted drivers because it creates less side spin and allows straight ball flight. By using higher lofted clubs, you are maximizing distance.

5. Clubhead 

The head of a club is an integral part because it hits the golf ball. There are golf club heads of different sizes, and they also have various benefits. But choose the right golf club head according to your swing speed. If you swing very fast, you should select a club with a heavy clubhead. Then you can control your swing speed. The heavier your clubhead, the more forgiveness your swing will be. However, it can be difficult for you to maintain the head of a heavy club head and hit properly.

Yet you will get better results after hitting. On the other hand, you can use lighter heads while your swing speed is slow. The head of drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids are larger heads than wedges or traditional putters. 

Which golf club will be right for you as a beginner? 

If you are a beginner, you need to be more careful while choosing a golf club. It is better to take some time to buy golf clubs. As your experience grows, you will understand the rules of golf and improve the game. Then you will find out for yourself which club is the most comfortable for you to use.

As a beginner, you should borrow a club set or buy a club that someone has used. When you play a few rounds and become well acquainted with golf, decide to buy a club. It’s already explained that top brand clubs are not suitable for beginners. According to the golf rules, a golfer can carry 14 clubs in his golf bag if he participates in a competition (you can select a driver, three pieces of wood, a putter, and an iron with an odd number).

You want to buy the first golf club as new. But depending on where you are in the game of golf, you may be hesitant to decide which club to use. Because in golf a set or different types of clubs are used. And they come in a variety of sizes or designs to get out of a sticky situation. Here are some suggestions to help you get started (except for necessary decisions between men's and women's clubs): driver, fairway woods, hybrid. Let's find out why these are the best golf clubs for you.

  • Driver 

The driver is a vital golf club. It helps a golfer to overcome various obstacles in the middle of his game. Drivers work ubiquitously on any club set. The head of this club is larger than the head of all other clubs. The driver's shaft is the longest, and its loft is the lowest. Currently, most drivers' heads are made of hollowed titanium. The driver is designed to maintain balance and control when hitting a player's tee.

  • Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are perfect for a new golfer. Its heads are a bit smaller than the driver's but help maintain the square effect. The loft of the fairway woods is between 12-18 degrees. It helps to achieve the perfect ball flight. Woods are great for hitting from the tee.

Golf club and ball. Preparing to shot
  • Hybrid

Replacing hybrid clubs is a helper in the traditional extended irons club family. The smooth edges of the hybrid club don’t drag through thick grass. The heads of the hybrids are much like fairway wood but not too deep. Its center of gravity is slightly behind the regular iron because the ball is more comfortable to carry in the air. Using the Hybrids Club for teeing off may be right for you. If your golf ball goes after a sand net, you can use hybrid clubs to get out of it.

You can also use an 8 or 9 iron club for short golf shorts (Approach Shots). This short golf shot is used to turn the ball on the green.


The right golf club allows you to perform well and improve the game quickly. To find the right golf club for your game, prioritize the idea of quality over quantity. Utilize this article to get a good swing with the perfect club. If you have any comments after reading this article, drop them in the comment box.

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