Ezlogz Software Review


The launch of the first device for fleet management was a breakthrough from Ezlogz. The brand was founded in 2015, and the emergence of new technologies has become a strong statement. The new company has already gained the trust of 10 thousand users and the company has successfully declared itself.

Features of the new ELD Technology

ELD solutions are the specialization of the company, so customers were not surprised be the introduction of new equipment. The main difference of the novelty was the absence of a binding contract, since it is possible to start using the device immediately after payment of the subscription.

The minimum period of cooperation is 30 days. This time is enough to study and test the functionality. About 2,000 users have already been able to draw conclusions from the experience gained and to evaluate. You can read the comments of the first clients on Google Play.

Advantages of connecting Ezlogz ELD solution

The company provides software and hardware for the use of technology. Connecting devices takes minimal time, as it is enough to plug the equipment to the OBD port. You can cope with this task on your own, so there are no problems in the first stages.

The basic version involves collecting data and uploading it to a cloud storage facility. The logs are immediately accessible to drivers, administrators and dispatch staff. Automatic synchronization allows for correct equipment assessments and timely maintenance.


Loss of connection will not cause any inconvenience. Once mobile data is restored, the collected information will be uploaded to the logs. This way you can get up-to-date information and monitor the execution of tasks. The fleet management does not cause problems.

Additional functions

The basic version is not a universal solution, so clients will need to create a must-do list. Connecting the software involves adding preferred features to those accounts that require improvement.

The list of available services is quite varied, so it is worth to familiarize with the offers in advance:

  1. IFTA fuel tax. The tax is calculated on the basis of miles travelled and the characteristics of the vehicle. A report containing preliminary information is thus drawn up. GPS data can be used to compile reports, which simplifies the dispatchers' work.
  2. GPS tracking. The location of fleet units is determined on the map in real-time. Using this function allows you to predict the development of the situation and change the route. It is proposed to establish zones for alerts and control the movement of the vehicle.
  3. DVIR. Within the scope of the subscription , it is possible to synchronize the information about the engine and make decisions about the forthcoming servicing of the car. Logs with data before and after the trip are regularly fulfilled by drivers, which also helps to carry out the timely maintenance.
  4. Temperature and humidity sensors. Conditions inside the vehicle are also monitored remotely. Administrators gain access to data and monitor compliance with conditions and requirements. When inconsistencies are identified, timely decisions are taken to remedy the deficiencies.
  5. Passenger management tools. Real-time arrival, route mapping and stop tracking make it possible to control the movement of passenger transport. The use of add-ons improves the quality of service.
  6. Fleet Management. Transport Performance Assessment and Alert Checking enable administrators to improve time management. Dispatchers are able to assess the need for repair and check the compliance of the driver’s route with the declared one.
  7. Documents. Uploading a package of papers to a cloud storage allows you to make the right decisions regarding route construction. Cargo transportation outside the country will be carried out taking into account the current capacity and the availability of documents.

The use of a special subscription application guarantees time savings and better service. Timely decisions regarding repair and maintenance allow you to take action in case if engine and other component malfunctions are detected.

A quick assessment of the route, driver and transport will allow you to efficiently use work resources and deal with logistics. The introduction of technology means timely fulfillment of obligations by the carrier company and the provision of quality services.

Control of the quality and driver's working time are necessary to prevent dangerous situations. The introduction of modern technology implies savings due to regular vehicle inspection.

Logistics, equipment management and compliance with the stated standards will prove the excellent reputation of the client's company.